Marriage Information

Setting the Date

Once you have decided to get married, the first question is the date. Please make sure that the Church is free on your chosen date before confirming with the Hotel. Make your booking in good time with one of the priests. He will give you on send a booking form and an information page. The minimum notice required by the Church is three months, but it is very advisable to give more time than that. Make sure you complete the wedding booking form (pink sheet) and return to one of the Priests with your booking fee to confirm your wedding date. The booking is NOT CONFIRMED until this form is fully completed and returned to one of the Priests of the Parish.

The Presbytery, Turner’s Cross, Cork.
Parish Mobile: 087 2610276

Notify the Registrar

The Civil Law now requires the couple to attend together personally at the Civil Registrar’s Office at least three months before the wedding to give notice of their intention to marry, and to receive the marriage registration form to bring to the priest. After the wedding , this form, now signed, will be given to the couple to return to the Registrar. The office is located at Adelaide Court, Adelaide St., Cork Tel. 021-4275126

Pre-Marriage Course

Since you are entering a marriage which you want to last for life, a time of reflection and preparation is time well spent. This is why it is necessary to take part in a pre-marriage course. Please book a place on such courses a year in advance of the wedding date. Courses are available in the following centers:

The Family Centre, 34 Paul St., Cork (Tel. 021/4275678).
N.A.O.M.I., 119 Patrick St., Cork (Tel. 021/4272213) 9am-1pm
Engaged Encounter (Tel. 021/4357571).

Church Papers

Both bride and groom need to get the following papers:

  • Baptismal Certificate from the Church where you were baptised, issued within 6 months of the wedding date.
  • If your Baptismal Certificate does not contain a record of your Confirmation, then a Confirmation Certificate from the Church where you were confirmed will be necessary.
  • Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Form: make an appointment with the priest of your parish to fill out this form.
  • Letter(s) of Freedom: if you have lived in a parish other than your present one for a period of six months or more since reaching the age of 18, a letter of freedom from that parish will be needed.
  • Certificate of attendance at a pre-marriage course.


If you have a relative or friend who is a priest or deacon and who you would like to officiating at your wedding, he will be most welcome. Please inform your local priest of this at your first meeting. Otherwise, one of the priests of the parish will officiate. If you come from other Parishes to marry in Christ the King, Turner’s Cross arrange to have your own priest to officiate at your wedding. Priests from outside the Diocese of Cork & Ross must forward a copy of their ‘Celebret’ to the Parish Priest. (this is a Diocesan rule)

Papal Blessing

Some couples like to have a blessing from the Pope on the occasion of their marriage. If you wish to get one, a special form is available to be signed by your priest, which you take to the Roman House (North Main St.) or to Veritas (Carey’s Lane) where you choose the type of parchment you want. This can take up to 10 weeks to organise.


They should be tasteful not over done, No flowers on carpet. Attachments should not damage the Church seats – no pins or cellotape. There is beauty in simplicity. Contact your florist and the Church Sacristan. No confetti or rice allowed in the Church or Church grounds.


Music and hymns add joy to your wedding. There is an approved list of music and hymns for marriage ceremonies. Talk to your priest about this.

Videos & Photography

These record your special day. The taking of photographs and video recording must be unobtrusive and not distracting to you, your guests or the priest.

Signing the Register

The register to be signed is the Civil Register and is not part of the Church ceremony. It is recommended that it be signed at a table in the Sanctuary or in the Sacristy after the ceremony has ended.

Marriage Overseas

Those who wish to get married overseas should contact their local priest and civil authorities well in advance of the date, as there will be some extra paper-work to be completed for Church and Civil ceremonies.

Mixed Marriages

If your proposed partner is not Catholic, permission for a mixed marriage will be needed from the Bishop. Contact your local priest in good time. He will guide you on this.

The Marriage Ceremony

The Marriage Ceremony is the most important part of the day. We recommend that the couple and the priest who is to officiate at the ceremony meet well in advance of the wedding to discuss and plan the ceremony together. There are two kinds of Marriage Service. One is where the Marriage Promises are made during Mass the other is where the Promises are made at a special service without Mass but in the Church. The choice should be made in the light of the faith circumstances of both parties. Talk this decision over with the priest who is to officiate.

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