Times of Baptisms: Saturday 4:30pm

Those who request baptism for their children will understand in asking to have their child Baptised they will be required to promise to bring the child up in the Catholic Faith.

Contact the priest as soon as the baptism is planned, you will receive a Baptism Application Form. Complete the form and return to Sacristy or Priest’s house with a copy of the Civil Birth Certificate. (long form) three weeks prior to the Baptism. The Civil Birth Certificate. can be obtained from Registration Office, Adelaide Court, Adelaide St. Cork. Phone 4275126.

Check list:

  • Completed application form and civil birth certificate – return to parish three weeks before baptism
  • Baptismal Candle. It will be needed again for First Communion and Confirmation.
  • A white garment (shawl) to be put on during the ceremony.