Bulletin 23 June 2024

Compassion and Hope at the End of Life

There has been much discussion in the media recently about “assisted suicide”, whereby people who feel they are overburdened by suffering will be facilitated in bringing their lives to a premature end by a change in legislation. The Catholic Church opposes such proposals. As Catholics, along with many people of other faiths and none, we share a different vision about what it is to be fully human, especially when we are suffering and approaching death in the hope of eternal life. People who are coming towards the end of their lives are vulnerable, and recent research shows that many feel themselves a burden on their loved ones and wider society. Jesus shows us that life always has dignity and that there is no such a thing as a useless life. We are called to defend this gift of life to its natural end and to protect vulnerable citizens from a culture that could pressure them into assisted suicide. We support people with the companionship of a listening ear, appropriate treatment, and the best of care, so that their last days can be times of grace, intimacy and love. Jesus did not send the sick away. Our Lady remained at the foot of the Cross to the very end as Her Son, Jesus, died. Mary is the model of compassionate presence and prayer whom we are called to imitate. People close to death and their loved ones, often go through similar darkness and pain but can come to a more complete acceptance and find peace in those treasured last moments accompanied by spiritual care. (Bishop Kevin Doran, Bishop John Keenan and Bishop John Sherrington, representing the Bishops Conferences of Ireland, Scotland and England & Wales)


As we come to the end of the school year and people are thinking about holidays it is appropriate to offer thanks to parishioners for enabling the parish to function so well over the past year. The many groups and individuals who organise and give themselves so generously to ministry in its multiple forms need to be acknowledged. It would be invidious to mention names so I would like you to see this note as inclusive of all.

A particular word of thanks is deserved by parishioners who contributed to the Spring Dues. Your financial contribution is appreciated but your thoughtfulness and generous spirit are even more significant.

Cemetery Mass

The Annual Mass of Remembrance for all buried in St Michael’s Cemetery, Blackrock will be celebrated on Wednesday, June 26th at 7.30 p.m. Please bring your own seat. Extra parking facilities will be available in St Michael’s Football Club (opposite the “new” entrance to the Cemetery). In the event of unfavourable weather, Mass will be celebrated in Holy Cross Church, Mahon.

Second Collection Next weekend for Peter’s Pence