Bulletin 9 June, 2024

Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (Mark 3:20-35)

Many people today do not take the existence and power of the devil seriously. The devil is regarded as a mythological hangover from the times before we were educated! However, Jesus took the devil very seriously and the final petition of the Our Father is to deliver us from the Evil One. “In this petition, evil is not an abstraction, but refers to a person, Satan, the Evil One, the angel who opposes God. The devil (diabolos) is the one who throws himself across God’s plan and his work of salvation accomplished in Christ” (Catechism,2851). Today’s First Reading recalls how Satan misled Adam and Eve, and sin entered the world. The critics of Jesus were faced with the fact that Jesus was healing the sick and giving people peace of mind. They were so hardened in heart that they absolutely refused to believe that his power came from God. People who are so misled by Satan that they utter words of hatred or defiance against God are guilty of what Jesus called blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. “Anyone who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit and will never receive forgiveness.” But, isn’t God full of mercy and wishes that all people would be saved? True, but the fact is that the merciful forgiveness that God offers must be accepted. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is much more than some words of frustration that a person might shout in a moment of temper but regrets the outburst later. Serious blasphemy comes out of a life deeply given over to evil. This person has taken up a defiant stance against everything that God represents. When this persists to the end, forgiveness is still offered but is rejected. Fr Silvester O’Flynn, OFMCap


We bid farewell to Br Theiva of the Presentation Community, Maiville, who is due to return to his native Sri Lanka shortly. Following a family holiday he will take up a new appointment in Africa. During his time in our parish he has been Chaplain in Colaiste Chriost Ri, which he enjoyed very much. He was greatly appreciated by staff and students alike. Here in the Church he was part of our Ministry of the Eucharist team. We wish Br Theiva every blessing as he continues his vocation as a Presentation Brother and we thank him for his generous ministry in the parish.

Parish Assembly meets this Monday evening at 8.00 pm


Finance Committee meets on Friday next, at 11.30 am

Cemetery Mass: St Michael’s cemetery Wednesday 26th June, at 7.30 pm

Recent Deaths:

The deaths have occurred of Josephine O’Sullivan, Slieve Mish Park; Mary Toth, Ardmanning Lawn; Ann Butler, Fr Matthew Road. May they rest in peace. Our sympathies are with their families, friends and neighbours.