Bulletin 14 April 2024

Science and Religion

One of the great questions of our time is the relationship between science and religion. Do they inevitably contradict each other? Is it possible to be a committed scientist (especially a physicist) and, at the same time, a committed Christian? Surely the seven day creation story in Genesis contradicts the theory of evolution: which of them is right? These are tough questions but, surprisingly, they are not so difficult to answer. It is of course possible – even desirable – to be totally committed to scientific method and, at the same time, a committed, practising Christian. All truth comes from God: science is no threat to the Christian. What undermines Christianity is lack of truth or inauthentic answers to the big questions in life. On the question of the relationship between the biblical account of creation and evolution, religion and science come from different perspectives. The bible tells us why there is something rather than nothing (why God created the world); science tries to tell us how the world came to be and how it works. Religion answers the question WHY? Science answers the question HOW?

Thinking about the Diocesan Priesthood?

There is a special Come and See afternoon for men aged between 18 and 40 who may be thinking about Priesthood for the Diocese of Cork and Ross. It will take place from 2-5pm on Sunday April 28th in Mardyke House, Cork City (T12 W8RP). The afternoon will include time for prayer, reflection, discussion and a social dimension. For more information email vocations@corkandross.org

Second Collection next weekend is for Diocesan Needs


The new Alpha programme continues on Wednesdays, 7.30 pm to 9.00pm, in the Parish Centre, Frankfield / Grange, and runs for 10 weeks. To register, contact the Frankfield / Grange Parish Office (021 489 7379 / frankfieldgrange@gmail.com) or just turn up and see for yourself!

Spring Dues

Parishioners have been asking about Spring Dues. The reason the letters have not yet been distributed is that Easter was so early. The letters will be out in the next week. Meanwhile some members of the Parish Assembly have been updating the list of names. If any errors remain please advise. The priests who benefit from the dues are Fr Noel Co-PP and Fr Pat Stevenson the Assistant Priest in the three parishes of our Family of Parishes. If you have already submitted Spring Dues directly or through online banking please accept our gratitude. As I have mentioned before the generosity of parishioners is most encouraging. The issue is that the numbers who respond have decreased considerably in recent years.

Recent Death:

The death has occurred of John Lynch, Greenhills Estate. We pray for the repose of his soul and we sympathise with his family.