Bulletin 3 March 2024

Referendum is a recipe for chaos and uncertainty – Senator Michael McDowell (Barrister)

Ministers and some lazy-minded commentators keep using the wholly untrue and intentionally misleading claim that the Constitution states that “woman’s place is in the home”. It doesn’t. The chairperson of the Referendum Commission, Ms. Justice Marie Baker, has put that canard beyond dispute. On the contrary, Article 41.2 makes no such suggestion, and Article 45 acknowledges the right of all citizens “men and women equally” to freely earn their livelihoods and pursue occupations… The nub of the “family” amendment is to extend the constitutional meaning of family to what are termed “other durable relationships”. The Government insists that it will be for the courts to determine what “other durable relationships” means. But courts only decide issues where there are disputes between litigants. And so, we are being asked to redefine the family so as to allow its meaning to be decided in future cases where disputes between parties are brought before the courts… This is a recipe for chaos and uncertainty arising from the Government’s proposal to ascribe to the courts the function of defining what is meant by “other durable relationships”… The bottom line is that these referendums are not necessary to achieve any policy goal; they bring damaging and costly uncertainty into whole swathes of law, from pensions, family law, tax law, migration law, residence, law and succession law to name but a few. (Full text of Mr McDowall’s statement available on line)

New Rotas for Ministers of Word and Eucharist available in Sacristy

Coffee Morning

 This Tuesday in the Parish Centre after the 10 am Mass.

First Wednesday

Marian devotions led by the Legion of Mary at 10.00 am

Parish Assembly meets Monday 11th March

Second Collection next weekend for the Irish Bishops’ Commissions

Sacrament of Penance (Confession)

Three priest will be available for this sacrament after each of the three Masses on 23-24 March. However, I am available for the sacrament after Mass every Saturday night. Indeed, if anyone wants the sacrament on any other day, just make your wish known to me.

First Confession

Much thanks is due to the teachers of second class in Bun Scoil Chriost Ri for preparing the children for their First Penance on Thursday evening last. It was a beautiful ceremony, greatly enriched by the music and singing.

Recent Deaths:

The deaths have occurred of Nora Cotter, Congress House; Paddy O’Sullivan, Green Lawn. May they rest in peace. We offer our sympathy and prayers to the families