Bulletin Christmas Eve

Christmas Masses

Christmas Eve: 6.00 pm and 10.00 pm

Christmas Day: 10.00 am and 12 Noon

A blessed and joyful Christmas to all parishioners and guests at our Masses this weekend. May the coming of God among us deepen our appreciation of his presence in our lives every minute of every day.

Christmas is the one occasion in the year that leaves no-one indifferent. Everyone somehow reacts to Christmas. The exception proves the rule: that is why Dickens’s character Scrooge in ‘The Christmas Carol’ is so well remembered; he refused to celebrate Christmas. And so his name entered the English language as a synonym for the begrudging miser. Each of us reacts to Christmas in our own way. For some it is a wonderful time: it may be your first Christmas married or you may have had your first baby this year. For the happy family Christmas is bliss. For others, Christmas is a dreaded time because there has been a death in the family or, perhaps, the break-up of a relationship or the loss of a job: all the festivities just mock their feelings; they want Christmas to be over as quickly as possible. And between these extremes there are all sorts of emotional reactions to this day.

But the event we are celebrating is much more profound than any emotion. That God became man is so mind-boggling, we are unable to take it in, either emotionally or intellectually. The full significance of the first Christmas always eludes us. For this reason the Mass is the one place where we can come into contact with the mystery of Christmas. It is not a matter of mere sociological interest that most people want to come to Mass at Christmas, whatever their normal practice. Somehow Christmas touches a nerve deep down in all of us. It says something of who we are as human beings. We may not be too good at reflecting on it and we may never come to articulate it but the Christ-Child holds the mirror up to nature. In the simplicity of the crib we discover something of ourselves. And this is true of the oldest and youngest amongst us. May Christmas this year deepen of Christian faith and strengthen our commitment to it.

Poinsettia As is customary, you are welcome to present poinsettia plants for display in the sanctuary for Christmas

Recent Deaths: The death has occurred of Paddy Hayes, Friars Road; Mary O’Carroll, Loreto Park; Jerry O’Reilly, Clashduv Road. We pray for them and for their families.