Fr Noel O’Sullivan

Bishop Fintan appointed Fr. Noel O’Sullivan to administer the Parish of Turners Cross following Fr. Billy’s retirement on 9th September, 2022.  Fr. Kerry and Fr. Billy concelebrated the weekend Masses on September 10/11 with Fr. Noel, as we welcomed him to Turner’s Cross.  

This marked the beginning of a period of change throughout the diocese, as we come to terms with new ways of being the church of Christ, and as we leave some longstanding traditions behind. The mission of the Church continues, and we all have our part to play, as we respond to the lord who says to us: as the Father sent me so am I sending you. May we fulfil that mission with confidence and joy.

Fr Noel Responds

In the Parish Bulletin of 18th September Fr Noel commented as follows: I would like to thank you the parishioners for your welcome last weekend and during the week at the weekday Masses. You have been warm in your welcome and sincere in your prayer. The first thing I observed on entering the Church last Saturday was the prayerful atmosphere, despite the fact that no one was present. That does not surprise me because a place of prayer always retains its spirit. And this place has been the locus of thousands of Masses and other sacraments over the past 90 years, not to mention the sincere prayers of so many parishioners. This is a treasure for which we are very grateful. I know that my time here offers me an opportunity to savour the spiritual depth of Christ the King parish.