Fr Noel Writes:

I had my first meeting of the parish Pastoral Assembly last Monday. It was a very encouraging experience, meeting parishioners of such faith commitment and enthusiasm for the pastoral programme that we discussed together. We would like to advance the reopening of parish ministries following the relaxing of the Covid restrictions. Among the ministries we hope to have extended or reopened are:

Altar Servers Children in third and fourth class will be invited to become altar servers, provided they have the permission and support of their parents.

Baptism Team Great work has been done by the existing baptism team but it was not possible to call to homes in the past two years. Ideally, we hope to set up a course in the parish centre for parents who have booked a baptism. This would consist of one evening led by parishioners.

Funeral Ministry We intend to increase the funeral ministry team and extend that ministry to include a visit to the home of the bereaved to sympathise on behalf of the parish and to discuss the choice of readings, as presented in the new diocesan booklet.

Music All agreed that the music ministry was most enriching of the liturgy. Appreciation was expressed for the 12 O’Clock choir, a choir which invites new members to join. Practice on Tuesday evenings in the Parish Centre at 7.30 pm. It is also hoped to have music at the Vigil Mass on Saturday. It would be great if this could be led by young people, singers and musicians. We would love to have more young people enriching our liturgy.

Weekday Masses In light of the changed circumstances in the parish and in the diocese, the need for a reduction in the number of weekday Masses was aired. From 1st October, Morning Masses will be on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. There will not be a Mass on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. We hope to have an alternative prayer service on Wednesdays, building on the current Miraculous Medal devotions.

Parish Secretary The parish needs a new secretary as Marion has retired. An enormous debt of gratitude is owed to her for her secretarial work. The new secretary will have an office in the Parish Centre and it is envisaged that he/she would work three days a week for three hours each day. This is an important support role and ministry in the parish. Contact: Fr Noel.


The priestly ordination of Ronan Sheehan took place on Sunday, 18 September in his home parish of Newcestown. May his ministry be fruitful and may his ordination inspire other young men to heed the call to priesthood.