6th September 2020, 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time



Pray for our Planet

Our Common Home

The “Season of Creation” has a special significance for the Catholic Church, particularly since Pope Francis established September 1st as the annual World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. It is a time marked throughout the Christian world from 1st September to 4th October (Feast of St. Francis of Assisi) when we think about the joy of creation as well as the need to protect the natural environment.

This year we are in the midst of an international health crisis. The environmental crisis and the health crisis are interconnected. Both are global emergencies that will affect many people, both are experienced most deeply by the poor and vulnerable.  Both expose the deep injustices in our societies, and both will be solved only through a united effort based on the best of the values we share.

Pope Francis has asked us to pray for Creation, and has called each of us to listen to the cry of the earth which has been polluted and damaged, and to listen to the cry of the poor of our earth. The Season of Creation is a special time where we can reflect on how best to answer this call and encourage our parish communities to do the same.



In any group, small and big, things cause friction. Everyone thinks his or her way is right. We can fight over who is right. Some things are worth a fight, others not.

In the big questions of life, we need the advice, support and love of the other. Many people ask themselves, “Why I didn’t give an honest opinion about a decision like marriage or a job or a course of studies which seemed ill-advised to everyone?’ We all have good and not-so-good tendencies. We can only advise as best we can, sensitively and wisely, and hope we get a hearing.

We are afraid to hurt, to be rejected. Why do we let so many people drink themselves into trouble and never tell them? The terror of a neighbourhood, no matter what age, needs to be confronted. The problem of drugs in a neighbourhood is not confronted. Crime is not reported.

In small and big things we are each others’ keepers. Jesus is saying something like that today. Parents can find this difficult as they try to guide the family well and not lose them. We have social responsibility in the family and in the neighbourhood and even worldwide for the common good.

God wants the best for each of us. We can help each other to goodness, we can support each other, advise each other, pray for and with each other, and help each other on our way to God.

Recall an occasion when another gave good advice,

even when you may not have liked it at the beginning. 

Be grateful!

Give me wisdom, Lord, when others ask me for advice or an opinion.

Donal Neary SJ,

Editor Sacred Heart Messenger.


Deaths:    We pray for Mary Buckley, Capwell Road, and Patrick Collins, Summerhill South, who died recently.  We extend our sympathy to their families.


Society of Saint Vincent de Paul September Church Gate Collection outside the church at all Masses this weekend 5th/6th September.


Collection for the Holy Places

The Annual Collection for the Holy Places was not taken up on Good Friday this year as our churches were closed.  Pope Francis has approved the proposal that this collection should now be taken up on next weekend 12th/13th September.



Bishop Fintan has asked us to wear face coverings in Church for all Masses and other liturgical celebrations to create as safe an environment as possible in our churches and minimise the possibility of spreading the virus.  Children under 13 years of age and people who have received medical advice to not wear a mask are of course exempt.