23rd August 2020, 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time

Deaths:  We pray for Nora Royal, O’Connell Avenue who died recently.  We extend our sympathy to her family.

Face Coverings

In light of revised government guidance issued last Tuesday, Bishop Fintan asks people to wear face coverings in Church for all Masses and other liturgical celebrations so that we can create as safe an environment as possible for those who come to Church and minimise the possibility of spreading the virus.  Children under 13 years of age and people who have received medical advice to not wear a mask are of course exempt.  Bishop Fintan thanks all those who have worked so hard to implement measures so that people may participate in Mass and public worship in a safe manner and asks our support to ensure that such measures will be implemented.


Prayer for our times

In cleansing my hands, wearing my mask,

socially distancing.  I pray Lord,

That I and all I remember at this time

may be kept safe from the present virus;

I remember those who are ill that they may recover,

And those who care for them,

and a vaccine be quickly found.




Beginning of School Year

Lord bless us as we start this new School Year with our friends and teachers.

Help us to make the most of every chance to start afresh. May we

show love and care for all.

May the new beginning remind us that that You give us chances

over and over again.

Help us to forgive others. Help us to learn and work together.

Help us to listen when we should and to know the best words

when to speak and when it is better not to speak.

May Our Lady protect us and help us to live as well as we can in

these difficult times.

Giving thanks and glory to God as She did.   




Pope Francis talks today’s gospel in which Simon professes his faith in Jesus as “the Christ, the Son of the living God.” Jesus joyfully recognises Simon’s faith as a special gift of the Father and calls him “blessed,” and tells him: “You are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church,” that is, all of us, a people founded on faith, which means on relationship with Jesus, a relationship of love and trust. The Church is built on our relationship with Jesus, and Jesus gives life to his Church.

Pope Francis adds: “Today’s Gospel passage also asks each of us, is your faith good? Each one answer in his or her heart. Is my faith good? How does the Lord find our hearts? A heart that is firm as a rock, or a heart like sand, that is doubtful, diffident, disbelieving?”


Let us pray to God the Father, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, for the grace to say with a sincere heart to Our Lord:

“You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”