19th July 2020 – 16th Sunday Ordinary Time (A)

Seeing Life through the Lens of the Gospel
The Deep End
Matthew 13:24-30
The owner of the field who allowed the wheat and the darnel to grow together is a reminder to us to be patient with ourselves and with others when we see that not everything is right.
Sometimes a preoccupation with the negative (the darnel) can blind us to the positive in our own lives and in the lives of others. When have you found that a willingness to live with the messiness of the present created the conditions for future growth? John Byrne OSA

Welcome Back
Last week we celebrated our first Saturday Vigil and Sunday Masses since March! For the time being there are special Covid-19 Prevention measures, including the following.

The church is in two sections, Section A towards the main entrance doors, and Section B towards the Altar.  These are separated by a distance of four metres.  Movement between these sections before, during or after Mass, is not permitted.

In each section, pews (seats) which are taped off with red and white traffi-tape may not be used. Seating positions are marked on the other pews to ensure two metre separation. People who live in the same household may sit close together.

We enter Section A from the main Evergreen Road doors and leave Section A through the side door to the carpark, the side door furthest from the Altar.  At the end of Mass, we may also leave Section A by the main doors.

We enter Section B from the Carpark ramped entrance and leave through the front side door on Douglas side of the church.  This exit door also has a ramp, which leads to a concrete path round the back of the church to the carpark.

We must move in the directions indicated by arrows marked on the church floor, staying two metres from other people.

There are two Holy Communion stations at the Altar Rails for Section B, and two in the middle of the church for Section A.  Holy Communion is to be received in the hand only at this time.

We should avoid gathering in the carpark and leave for home as quickly as possible.

These conditions must be observed, if we are to keep the church open, and we ask for patience as we all get used to this “new normal.”

Particular thanks to our Stewards for their generous service, and to our rostered Ministers of the Eucharist and Word for the restart phase. Special thanks also to our Parish Secretary who organised signage, floor markings, and all the special supplies, and to our Sacristan who has also undertaken so much extra work to ensure the church is ready each day.

Important Information – Leaflet:           information-leaflet