12th July 2020 – 15th Sunday Ordinary Time (A)

                                            GENEROUS SOWING
When Jesus saw the farmer going out to sow the seed, it reminded him of the way God was at work in His ministry. Jesus noticed that the farmer scattered the seed everywhere, almost recklessly, not knowing what kind of soil it would fall on. A lot of the seed was lost; it never germinated; the birds ate it; some fell among thorns and when the plants grew they were choked. Some seed fell on rich soil and produced an extraordinary harvest.

God wants to touch the lives of everyone. There is nothing selective about how God works. Jesus spoke of God allowing His sun to rise on everyone and the rain to fall on the righteous as well as the unrighteous. Jesus tells the parable of the sower to give encouragement to His disciples. Despite the setbacks, opposition and hostility, God is at work and that work will lead to something wonderful. The seed is good and powerful.        A lot depends on how we hear God’s word and how open we are to its possibilities. Our God is a God of mercy and forgiveness. What kind of soil are we as we receive the seed of God’s word? May the Lord pour out His Spirit upon us to be able to hear and heed His life-giving word. May our hearing of God’s word put fresh hope in us all.

Public Masses in Christ King Church

We are happy to announce that there will be  public.                               Masses in the Church this weekend 11th & 12th July                                                                                                 Saturday Vigil 6pm,  Sunday 10am & 12 noon.                                       Weekday Mass at 10am