15th March 2020 – 3rd Sunday of Lent

  LIVING WATER                       Jesus tells the woman at the well that he offers “living water, welling up to eternal life.” He offers us the gift of the Holy Spirit, the gift of living water. Every time we receive Holy Communion we are united with Christ, who gives us life and causes us to experience the Holy Spirit within us as we are invited to share the inner life of God the Blessed Trinity. God calls his people to union with him and with each other, union with Christ and union with the Body of Christ.   Of the mercy of God, Pope Francis says that ‘there is no sin or crime of any kind that can erase from the mind or heart of God even one of the children he has created’ (November 2013).
Imagine yourself looking into a well;
see the face of Jesus looking at you from its depths.
He looks at you with love.
Lord, send me the living water of the Holy Spirit.

THE COVID-19 VIRUS                                                                                     Cancellation of All Masses     Weekend and Day Masses are discontinued until further notice.  Funerals, weddings, baptisms continue as long as the attendance does not exceed 100 people.  People are not bound by the Sunday Obligation

Live-Streaming  of  Masses during the Covid-19 Virus Crisis       Mass will celebrate  privately and  live-streamed from the Church of Christ the King for the people  at 12.00 midday on Sundays  and 10,00 am on weekdays,  it will be broadcast via the church webcam. To tune in go to   Google on iPhone, iPad or other device:   MNC Media.TV Turners Cross and scroll down to picture of Turners Cross Church.             We hope that  people  while not able to join together physically, will join us spiritually in that Mass each Sunday  at 12noon and Monday to Saturday at 10am.

Bishop Fintan hopes to celebrate the live-streamed Mass from the Cathedral at 11.30 am each Sunday, available at www.corkcathedral.ie.

Preventing the spread of the Virus  We will continue to observe HSE guidance and Bishops’ norms, including:    Shaking hands including at the Sign of Peace is suspended. Alternatives such as a smile, nod or bow are acceptable.

Holy water fonts will not be used .  Holy Communion will be administered into the hands only and NOT onto the tongue. Having received Holy Communion, and before and after distributing, the priest and ministers should sanitise their hands         During Holy Communion only the celebrant shall receive from the Chalice and no one else may drink from the same Chalice – this includes other priests as well as ministers of the Eucharist and members of the congregation.

Further information on the HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) website.

Trócaire Family Fast Boxes for Lent are available at the back of the Church.