Lent 2019 – Christ King Parish

  Lent 2019First of all, Happy Lent! The next forty days are an amazing God-given opportunity for renewal when the Lord is near and the Holy Spirit renovates our hearts. The three works that the Church invites us to in this season – self–denial, prayer and charity – along with the Sacrament of Reconciliation, are well-tried ways of bringing about a deeper conversion to Christ our Saviour in our lives. Let us pray for each other as we engage in this Lenten journey to Easter.

Ash Wednesday 6th March:   Ashes will be blessed and distributed at the 10am & 6pm Masses.   At the 10am Mass the pupils from the three local schools will be commissioned to bring blessed ashes to schools where they will impose ashes on staff and fellow pupils.

Each weekday of Lent two Masses 10am & 6pm.

Trocaire Family Fast Boxes are available at back of Church and will also  be distributed through the schools

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on Wednesday Mornings during Lent after 10am Mass until 11am.

Morning & Evening Prayer of the Church on Fridays in Lent after 10am and 6pm Masses