Prayer to the Holy Spirit for the Cause of the Unborn

            Prayer to the Holy Spirit for the Cause of the Unborn

O Holy Spirit of God, one with the Father and the Son Jesus Christ;

we call out to You in all our needs,

but especially at this time of decision for our country.

Holy Spirit of Truth, come to the People of Ireland,

and open our hearts and minds to the truth about life,

especially the lives of the little unborn children in their mothers’ wombs.

Make us appreciate deeply the truth that life is always an immense good,

and that every life is of equal dignity.

Free us from false and harmful ideologies which,

in the name of freedom and choice,

fail to acknowledge the right to life of the unborn child.

Holy Spirit, You are the Advocate.

You are the one who pleads our cause

and speaks up for us before the very throne of Heaven.

Come O Holy Spirit,

as You are the advocate, so let us be advocates;

who in these days speak up for the rights of the most vulnerable

and voiceless among us – the unborn.

In union with You, we now plead before the throne of God

for the protection and retention of the 8th Amendment of our Constitution.

Holy Spirit, give to the People of Ireland the wisdom and courage to

choose life and to vote to continue to protect both mothers and their unborn babies.

As at Pentecost, You gave to the disciples the power to boldly proclaim the truth in love,

so now embolden us as a nation to affirm before the whole world that we,   the Irish People, will continue to cherish

and protect the lives of all the children of this great land.

O Holy Spirit, Lord and giver of life,

bless our people that we will say a firm NO

to this attempt to strip the unborn of their right to life.   Amen