29th April 2018 – 5th Sunday of Easter (B)

As we listen to the encouraging readings in today’s Mass are encouraging, we may feel drawn to live a more fully Christian life.  St John tells us that whoever keeps God’s commandments lives in God and God lives in her, or him.  And Jesus tells us that those who remain in him, and he in them, bear plenty of fruit.  That sounds wonderful, but what do we actually?  Well, perhaps a start might be to pray, to renew (or restart!) a prayer life.  Simple, but in practice not that easy, we struggle at times to pray at all.  Jesus tells us to ask the Father for what we need, and Jesus says to us “when you pray”, not “if you pray.”

Jesus prayed, and taught us to pray. We can pray whenever and wherever we are in an ongoing conversation with God, but it is helpful to have a set time as well, it is good to have a pattern.  Prayer is that vital activity which enables us to remain part of the vine, to bear fruit, as Jesus says.  As we remain close to him in prayer, we are nourished and our relationship goes deeper, he guides us by his Spirit in the circumstances of our lives and helps us to be less self-absorbed and more concerned about others. He refreshes our soul, and gives us his peace.

Confirmations:  Bishop John will be with us for our Parish Confirmation ceremony on next Thursday May 3rd. Because of Confirmations there will be no 10.00am Mass on Thursday.  Mass will be at 9am with the Confirmation Mass at 10.30am.  Our prayers and good wishes to the 48 young people being confirmed, their families and teachers.

Deaths:  We remember in our prayers Mary O’Dwyer, Cross Douglas Road and Anthony Seymour, Cork and London who died recently, and extend our sympathy to their families.

 “Do this in Memory” Mass on this Sunday 29th April at 10am.

Pre-School: Little Turners Community Pre-school at 25, Capwell Road, Turner’s Cross, are now enrolling for September 2018 – Free Child Care places available. Phone 021 4915934.

Permanent Deacons
Bishop Buckley invites applications from men interested in serving as Permanent Deacons in the Diocese of Cork & Ross. The first two permanent deacons in our diocese were ordained last October and are now serving in city parishes.  One man is in his final year of training and is due to be ordained as Deacon later this year.
Applicants should have a good knowledge of the Gospel, a well-established spiritual life, and a willingness to serve others, even at some personal cost. The minimum age for ordination as a permanent deacon is twenty-five years for a celibate man, and thirty-five years for a married man. The maximum age is sixty years. While married men may be ordained, deacons who are widowed may not remarry.
Deacons continue in their family lives and secular employment. The four-year programme of preparation is part-time, as is the subsequent ministry. Initial contact should be as soon as possible as the application process must be completed in June for a course of preparation beginning in September 2018. It is probable that a course will not commence again in Munster until 2021.
Those interested should contact their local priest or the Diocesan Director of the Permanent Diaconate for Cork and Ross.

New Parent and Toddler Group: You are invited to a Coffee Morning in Turners Cross Community Centre, Curragh Road, on Friday 4th May at 10.00 am to discuss a new Parent & Toddler Group starting in Turner’s Cross. Toys and fun for the little ones and a chance for parents to have a cuppa and a chat!  New parents and babies most welcome. Contact Joe on 086 2591362.