22nd April 2018 – 4th Sunday of Easter (B)


All of us are members of the Body of Christ and there is no such thing as a member who does not share in the mission of Christ.  When we follow God’s call, the result is joy and fulfilment, whether our vocation is an overtly religious one or not.


April 22nd is Good Shepherd Sunday, the World Day of Prayer for Vocations.  We are more and more conscious of the fall in the number of priests and the reduced number of vocations to the priesthood in Ireland.  Today in spite of sceptical attitudes, of the decline in priestly and religious vocations, in spite of the scandals and troubles in the Church, people still follow faithfully and joyfully their lay or religious vocations, enriching their own lives and the life of the Church community to which they belong.  Jesus asks us to recognise his voice and follow him, and he promises us eternal life, and a peace in this life that the world cannot give.
There are different vocations, different ways of living out our Christian calling.  The vocation to a married or single lay life is the norm, and such vocations are the mainstay of the Church.  The men and women who are members of religious orders, congregations and societies spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through a variety of ways, whatever you want to do in your life you can do as a religious Sister, Brother or Priest.
The ordained priest and the ordained deacon are to be fellow disciples and brothers among the brothers and sisters in the family of God, whilst fulfilling their roles of service to the people of God.  Their first task is to announce the Gospel of Christ. We are all called to give witness to joy and life in our individual vocations, to witness to the love of God for all his people and especially those who are weak, hurt or vulnerable. The signs of a true vocation include deep friendship with Christ, the generous gift of oneself, joyful communion with brothers and sisters in Christ, a life which proclaims the love of Christ.
Jesus promises he will lead us to springs of living water, as we are filled with the Holy Spirit whose fruits in our lives include peace, gentleness and joy, and the awareness of being fully alive.  The Lord has a plan for each of us, he calls each one by name.  We are called to witness, to love and to serve, vocations are about following Christ.  A generous response to a vocation is a source of happiness and joy, as we realise and experience that “it is in giving that we receive.”

“Do this in Memory.” There will be a meeting of the Parent Representatives in the Parish Centre on this Monday 23rd April at 7.30pm. Our next Mass will be Sunday 29th April at 10.00 am

Spring Dues:  We would appreciate if the Area Collectors could collect the envelopes for the remaining areas after Mass in the Sacristy. Many thanks.

  Vocations Sunday Invitation:
Men considering a call to Priesthood are invited to the Pastoral Development Office in Ballyphehane on this Sunday from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm.  This is an opportunity to discuss a possible vocation to serve as a priest in our diocese, in a friendly and informal setting. Contact Fr Charlie Kiely at 021 4537603, or just turn up.
We are all invited to pray for vocations to the priesthood.  Pope Francis recently said that every vocation is the fruit of the prayer of a parent, grandparent, friend or community.

Referendum. The Bishop’s Pastoral Letter on the referendum was read at all Masses last week-end, and copies are available in the church. Bishop John commented that: the Supreme Court has stated that the unborn baby enjoys only one constitutional right: the right to life.  We will be asked in the Referendum to remove the only remaining effective law to protect the unborn.  We can choose to retain the Eighth Amendment, under which doctors and hospitals will protect the lives of both baby and mother to a standard of care that is considered the highest in the world, or we can repeal the Eighth and leave babies with no protection whatsoever.

Cork Alzheimers Café for people with Alzheimers and other dementias, their carer’s, family and friends along with social and health professionals. Last Friday of each month 1.30–3.30 pm in St Finbarr’s Hospital, Douglas Road. Light refreshments provided free of charge. Our next meeting Friday 27th April.   All welcome.

The World Meeting of Families 2018.  Over two thousand people from sixteen to over seventy years of age have already volunteered to help in the running of the event in Dublin.  Details of how to get involved are available on the WMOF2018 website and are summarised on the WMOF display board in the church. Thousands more volunteers are needed! These volunteers will be the backbone of WMOF2018 and will ensure that all families and pilgrims at the event receive a warm, Irish welcome.