31st December 2017 – Feast of the Holy Family

Christmas:  Once again it has been a lovely Christmas, with great crowds and a great atmosphere during the Advent and Christmas Liturgies. The joyful preparation, anticipation, participation, celebration and sense of community were inspiring, we thank all who participated.  Fr. Kerry joins me in thanking you for your Christmas wishes and generous Christmas offerings.  We appreciate your encouraging words. As we begin the New Year we pray that 2018 will bring us many blessings.
Fr. Billy

Feast of the Epiphany:  Saturday 6th January, Holy Day of Obligation. Vigil Mass on Friday 6.00 pm.  Mass on Saturday at 10.00 am.

There are many families and whose contribution to parish life is essential and immense. Through their quiet and unnoticed work, the Parish runs smoothly and parish life is enriched. As 2018 dawns The Parish Assembly and the Priests of the Parish would like to thank you for your help and support.
Special thanks also to those who care for the Church and clean it every week, look after the flowers and altar linens, to the Choir, to Ministers of Word and Eucharist, to Altar Servers and their parents.  We thank the Church Collectors, Sacristan, Parish Dues Collectors, those who care for the sick and elderly. Thanks are also due to St Vincent de Paul Society, St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society, the Legion of Mary, the Parish Funeral and Baptismal Teams, our Child Protection Representatives. We thank those who put up the Crib, Easter and Remembrance Gardens and decorate the sanctuary so beautifully.    We thank you for your generosity in the offertory collection each week for the upkeep of the Church and payment of staff. Our thanks to the Parish Finance Committee and to Sr. Karen and Fr. Charlie from the Pastoral Development Office who have been so helpful.
We thank all who contributed so generously during 2017 to Trocaire Christmas Gift Cards, to the Trocaire Lenten Campaign, and to all the special collections.

Some 2018 Parish Calendars are still in the Sacristy. Perhaps Area Collectors could help to distribute them. Many thanks.

Family Blessing
This Sunday December 31st is the Feast of the Holy Family. A special blessing for 2018 is offered to families at each of our weekend Masses.  After reciting the World Meeting of Families Prayer for Families together at the end of Mass, all families present or represented will be blessed with these words:
As you seek to live as a family
in the image of the Holy Family
of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
may God bless each of you, and those you love,
the Father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit.

World Meeting of Families

Prayer for Families
God, our Father,
We are brothers and sisters in Jesus your Son,
one family, in the Spirit of your love.
Bless us with the joy of love.
Make us patient and kind,
gentle and generous,
welcoming to those in need.
Help us to live your forgiveness and peace.
Protect all families with your loving care,
Especially those for whom we now pray:
[We pause and remember family members and others by name].
Increase our faith,
Strengthen our hope,
Keep us safe in your love,
Make us always grateful
for the gift of life that we share.
This we ask, through Christ our Lord,