2nd July 2017 – 13th Sunday Ordinary Time (A)

Death:  We remember in our prayers Michael Collins-Powell, Woodgrove, Cross Douglas Road, we extend our sympathy to his family.

Thanks & Farewell:  Our good wishes and thanks to Eleanor Condon and Ann Murphy on the occasion of their retirement from Bunscoil Chriost Ri after many years of service. We wish them health, happiness and fulfillment in their retirement. 

Catholic Papers: are on sale at the back of the Church every weekend.  The Irish Catholic, The Universe and The Catholic Times.

First Friday:  Fr. Billy will visit the sick and housebound during the coming week.

Prayer for the Canonization of Venerable Nano Nagle
Gracious and loving God, we place before you the Cause of the Canonization of Venerable Nano Nagle.  Bless the Presentation Family and the Church by declaring Nano Nagle’s Sainthood.   With her lantern light for our journey, may we be blessed with the vision, courage and fidelity that stirred Nano to passionate service to those made poor and abandoned.  We ask this in the name of Jesus, in whom she found light and strength.