9th April 2017 – Palm Sunday & Holy Week

–¸Palm Sunday Penitential Services
Confessions will be available after all the Masses this weekend, including the Vigil Mass on Saturday, and a number of priests will be available. Pope Francis has encouraged us “to discover anew the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) and to avail ourselves more frequently of the transforming power of its grace.”   We have an opportunity to receive this Sacrament today.  This Palm Sunday weekend we examine our conscience and invite the Spirit to bring us back down to earth and back to reality, in touch with our state before God.

Examination of conscience
An examination of conscience concerns our daily lives and our maturity as human beings. It is not preparing a grocery list of sins, but looking at the things we do and at the person who does them, how we relate to God and to those for whom Christ died.

A good way of preparing for confession is to divide my life into a few general areas, and take a look at each.

1.      My relationship with God:
Do I give time to God?
Do I pray each day?
Do I attend Mass regularly?

2.     My home life
        Am I hard to live with?
Do I make my home happy?
Am I moody and selfish?
Do I cause serious problems at home –
unfaithfulness, drunkenness, taking drugs,
violence, long cold silences?
Do I seek help?
Am I faithful to my commitments?

3.    My relationship with others:
Am I tolerant of and unselfish towards others?
Am I kind in word and deed?
Do I pray for my enemies and forgive them?
Do I respect others? Have I used others
selfishly? or irresponsibly?

4.    My practice of justice:
       Do I respect the needs, rights, and property of
Am I honest with my business dealings?
Do I pay my debts?
Do I cheat, or make false claims?
Do I pay my taxes?

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society: Meeting in the Parish Centre, Tuesday 11th April at 7.30 pm.

Trocaire Boxes:  Please return boxes at the Mass of the Last Supper on Thursday 14th April at 6pm.

Easter Triduum Masses: will be celebrated on Easter Sunday, Monday & Tuesday. Cards available from the office after Masses this weekend and during the week.

Deaths:  We remember in our prayers William Gleeson, Millstreet, who died recently, and extend our sympathy to his family.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday:
Mass 10.00 am & 6.00 pm. Confessions after Mass.

HOLY THURSDAY – 13th April
No morning Mass
10.00 am.  Chrism Mass at the Cathedral: Bishop Buckley celebrates Mass in the Cathedral on this Thursday with the Priests of the diocese and blesses the Holy Oils to be used in the Parishes.
All are welcome.

6.00 pm   Concelebrated Mass of the Lord’s Supper
Procession to Altar of Repose.
Quite Holy Hour 8.30 pm –  9.30pm

GOOD FRIDAY – 14th April
No Masses today
Day of Fast and Abstinence
12.00nnoon & 6.00 pm –  Stations of the Cross
Confessions after the Stations and Ceremonies.
3,00 pm
Solemn celebration of the Passion of our Lord : Reading of the Passion / Veneration of the Cross / Holy Communion
Collection for the Holy Places in the Holy Land
8.00 pm.  Candlelit Prayer around the Cross.

HOLY SATURDAY  – 15th April
No morning Mass
Confessions 11.30 am  – 12.15 pm

6.00 pm
Solemn Easter Vigil and Mass of The Resurrection (Bring candle & holder to Vigil)
Collection for the Priests of the Parish at Masses this weekend

EASTER SUNDAY – 16th April
Masses at 10.00 am & 12 Noon
Easter Triduum Masses will be celebrated on Easter Sunday, Monday & Tuesday