22nd January 2017 – 3rd Sunday Ordinary Time (A)

                  Irish Bishops meet Pope Francis

CONNECTEDNESS – Prayers for Christian Unity
This year marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and the theme of the week of prayer for Christian Unity is Crossing Barriers. As we pray for unity among the followers of Christ it is good to reflect on our connection to one another.  We may rejoice in our diversity and in the richness that the different traditions bring to the Church as a whole. We can and must take care that our attitudes and relationships are based on respect and a genuine desire for the unity for which Christ prayed.  We realise that the scandal of disunity between the churches is a rejection of God’s will and of the prayer of Jesus to the Father, that all may be one; and that as individuals we do not have to buy into it.
St Paul’s appeal to the Christians at Corinth is addressed to all of us; to be united in our belief and practice. We are called to a practical unity, not to be a matter of words only, it  is a question of real love and service, of responding as followers of Jesus to his prayer that “all may be one.”  Our unity is not real unless it depends on love, and through love we can each and all fulfil our individual roles in the Church, as we receive the necessary gifts from the Spirit.  We need a prayerful connection with God to receive and exercise these gifts, and when we neglect that connection the whole body of Christ, the Church, is held back.
We are concerned with unity among Christians, relationships between the different Christian churches and within those churches, unity within our own church, in our local community and in our parish.  We pray for unity within our immediate circle, in our family, our workplace, our neighbourhood, among our friends.  In the end the call to unity is very personal.

Vocations to Priesthood Weekend
An invitation is extended to men between 18 and 40 who are interested in the Diocesan priesthood as a way of life, to join with others for a weekend from Friday 17th 6pm to Saturday 18th 3pm February taking place in Thurles.  There is no charge to attend the weekend – please contact Fr Charlie Kiely on 021 4537603 or at  charliekiely@gmail.com for further details.



The Annual General Meeting of the Comhar Creidmheasa Chriost Ri Teoranta will be held in Bunscoil Chriost Ri (Convent Hall) on Monday 30th January 2017 at 8.00 pm.

Deaths: We remember in our prayers Kathleen O’Mahony, Capwell Road and Cornelius (Curry) Healy, Capwell Road who died recently. We extend our sympathy to their families.

Documentary Series on Barrack Street
Frameworks Films, a Cork based production company has teamed up with the Barrack Street Community Group to produce a six-part series on different aspects of Barrack Street for broadcast on Cork Community Television. The programmes will explore social history and military history, local industry and commerce, music, sport and literature. Anybody who would like to participate in the project or has any old photographs or footage of the street may contact Frameworks Films on 021-4211010 or info@frameworksfilms.com

Learning about the Mass with Kath and Qumen
The sacristan is a very important person in church. He or she opens and closes the building, makes sure that it is warm and welcoming, prepares the altar, lights the candles, puts out the necessary books and things needed for the Mass and makes sure that there are enough candles, wine and altar breads for Mass.
In our parish there are people who look after the cleaning of the church. They also make sure that there are flowers to decorate the altar. They may put up the crib at Christmas and decorate the church building for special occasions.