13th November 2016 – 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time

J6FjzuPwn7teQPye9zHUIvYHAQtTr1TZ_s7SXX2G5KbuzZcrm4c287oF_JtuR7TVi2fL0A=s128 The Jubilee Year of Mercy is drawing to a close.  Bishop Buckley closed the Diocesan Holy Door in St Francis’ Church on Saturday 12th November.  The Jubilee ends on Sunday next 20th November, the Solemnity of Christ the King, with the closing of the Holy Door in St Peter’s Basilica by Pope Francis.  We thank God for the grace of the Jubilee of Mercy and pray that the work of mercy will continue to be the lived reality of the Church’s mission in proclaiming the Gospel to the world.

Our standard of living in absolute terms is far better than anything that can be hoped for by the great mass of humanity living on the earth at this time. Yet many of the things we worry about, things covered by the incessant economic commentary,
are passing material things. Whilst many among us suffer real hardship and deprivation, some of us need to get real.
The disciples marvelled at the size and magnificence of the temple in Jerusalem, but Jesus tells them it will all be destroyed, pulled down, nothing left.  The temple was in fact destroyed about forty years later and the remaining lower part of its western wall, the Wailing Wall, is venerated to this day.  The world as we know it will not last forever either, and of course for each of us it ends at the moment of our own death, however long it may last without us.   We may ask ourselves what really matters, in the context of eternity, in the context of our own death.  Such things as family love and connectedness, friendship and generosity are of primary importance and value, and should be unaffected even by an economic recession.
So while we wait for an uncertain future, we pray for the grace to live a Christian life in our time, place and circumstances; to be loving, other-centred and generous, to reach out to those who suffer, to help and comfort.  And that means to live in happiness, with the peace of Christ, a peace that the world cannot give.

Deaths: We remember in our prayers Michael (Micky) Daly, St. Anne’s Park, who died on Thursday, and Patrick Finbarr (Barry) Marrett, late of Friars Road, who died in London, Funeral 17th November to St Marylebon Crematorium, London. We extend our sympathy to their families.

13th Nov. St.Catherines Kikcully   3.00pm

Don’t forget to pray at the Graves at the back of the Church

Parish Assembly meeting will be held in the Parish Centre on Monday 14th November at 8.00pm

Garda Mass: The Annual Mass for Deceased Staff of An Garda Siochana in Cork City Division on Tuesday 22nd November 2016 at Saint Joseph’s (SMA) Church, Wilton, at 7.30pm.

Christmas Wellness and craft fair in Aid of Cork Penny Dinners at the GreshamMetropole Hotel McCurtain, Street Cork on Sunday the 20th of November from 12 till 6pm.  On the day you can pamper yourself with different kinds of treatments. Stalls:  jewellery, Natural Hand creams, Nail art, hair styling and Beauty Products, Music and much more.  Admission €5.
All proceeds on the day go to Cork Penny Dinners

Autumn Dues:  We would appreciate if the Area Collectors would collect the envelopes for their areas after Mass in the Sacristy. Many thanks.

Ministries: We are appealing for volunteers for Ministries in the Parish, as Ministers of the Word (readers), Ministers of the Eucharis, members of the Baptismal Team, Church Carers Team or of the Church Choir. You can nominate a person or volunteer your own service. Collect a form in Sacristy or have a word with one of the priests.

Do this in Memory: meeting with the parent class representatives in Fr. Billy’s house on this Monday 14th November at 7.30pm. Our next Mass will be on Sunday 20th Nov. at 10.00 am, the Feast of Christ the King.

Diocesan Quarterly Collection: will be taken us at all Masses next weekend. 19th/20th November.   This collection supports the diocesan office and diocesan initiatives. The central fund of the diocese is currently operating at an annual deficit of approximately € 300,000.

CHRISTMAS IN THE CATHEDRAL: Liam Lawton in concert in the Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Anne on Thursday 8th December, 2016 at 8.00 pm.  Tickets € 20 available from Pro Musica, Oliver Plunkett Street, James Nolan Butchers, Shandon Street, Cathedral Presbytery tel: 021 4304325, Cathedral Sacristy tel: 021 4210717.