6th November 2016 – Remembrance Weekend

purgatoryRemembrance Weekend:   Those who lost loved ones during the past year are remembered in a special way at all our Masses this weekend.  Remembrance Weekend is an opportunity to give thanks for the  wonderful gift of family, kind neighbors and friendship.   All of us are shaped and  influenced by what has happened in the past.  That is why today and during November we  remember and pray for those who have died and acknowledge their influence in our lives.

The Novena of Masses for the Holy Souls continues until Thursday 10th Nov.  Masses each day at 10am & 6pm    We all love to be remembered but if we wish to be remembered one day we have a duty now to remember.

5th Nov.   St. Oliver’s Model Farm Rd. Mass at 2pm
6th Nov.   St. Joseph’s  Tory Top Rd.  2.30pm
St. Finbarrs Glasheen Rd. 2.20pm
St James Chetwynd
Douglas  3pm
Rathcooney   3pm
St.Michael’s Blackrock. 3pm

13th Nov.  St.Catherines Kikcully   3pm

Don’t forget to pray at the Graves at the back of our Church

Ministries: We are appealing for volunteers for Ministries in the Parish, as Ministers of the Word (readers), Ministers of the Eucharis, members of the Baptismal Team, Church Carers Team or of the Church Choir. You can nominate a person or volunteer your own service. Collect a form in Sacristy or have a word with one of the priests.

A time to remenber
The great consolation of our November  remembering is that our connections are never broken.  When we face the emptiness, pain and  sorrow that come with grief we can feel  useless but our Church reminds us that we  are not powerless in the face of the tragedy  of the loss of someone we love. There is still  something we can do. Our prayers and acts  of remembrance and charity can assist our  loved ones on their journey back to God. November is always a reminder to us of how important is that we live fully in the present moment. If we live to give as much love as we can then death will never be the end of our human story. To love is to live eternally because it means we will have left a mark on others that will be passed on and shared with generations yet unborn.  The Christian faith is about living, not dying. We need to understand that. It is about living confident, courageous lives here and now. Christian faith is about living. It is about loving God and loving people. It is about making sure that the entire world knows the reason for the hope we have in our hearts. Jesus Christ was victorious over   the grave. And because he lives we too shall live.

In the rising of the sun and its going down………………….  We remember them
In the blowing of the wind and the chill of the winter…..We remember them
In the opening of the buds and the warmth of summer…We remember them
In the rustling of the leaves and in the beauty of Autumn..We remember them
In the beginning of the year and when it ends…………….. .We remember them
When we are weary and in need of strength………………..We remember them
When we are lost and sick of heart…………………………….We remember them
When we have joy and yearn to share ………………………..We remember them
So long as we live, they too shall live for they are part of us…We remember them
When we grow old and forgetful we still know………..God remembers them

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