10th July 2016 – 15th Sunday Ordinary Time (C)

imagesA parable brought to life:   Listeners to Joe Duffy’s Liveline radio programme may have heard the story earlier in the summer of an American tourist who was beaten and robbed of his valuables during a violent mugging in Dublin. Forty-six-year-old Donnie Brown, who was travelling alone on his first holiday in Ireland, was attacked after stopping to ask a woman for directions back to his hostel. The gang held a knife to his throat and stole his wallet, bag, and phone, before leaving him lying bloodied in a lane.  Donnie recalled how he had found help in a local shop and from Gardaí who drove him around the area in the hope of identifying his attackers. However, after his story was aired on the radio, he experienced a real outpouring of kindness. A bed and breakfast owner offered him free accommodation, and he received more than 40 offers of help from all over Ireland, including free use of a rental car. ‘I feel like I’ve won the lottery,’ he said afterwards.      It is extraordinary that such a horrific experience could end with someone feeling so blessed. The man in today’s parable must have felt something similar, to be treated with such generosity, from an unexpected source, after his ordeal. Those who helped Donnie in Dublin didn’t know him or have any reason to help him. Their kindness to a stranger was very much in the spirit of the Good Samaritan we hear about today.

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society; Meeting on Tuesday 12th July in the Parish Centre at 7.30pm

logocpdCork Penny Dinners have written to thank the parishioners of Turner’s Cross for their generous contribution of €1,830, the proceeds of the Cake Sale om 14th/15th May last.

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