27th December 2015 – Feast of the Holy Family

Christmas: Once again it has been a lovely Christmas, with great crowds and a great atmosphere during the Advent and Christmas Liturgies. The joyful preparation, anticipation, participation, celebration and sense of community were inspiring, we thank all who participated.  Thank you for your Christmas wishes and generous Christmas offerings.  We appreciate your encouraging words. As we begin the New Year we pray that 2016 will bring us many blessings.
The Parish Assembly, Fr. Kerry & Fr. Billy

St. Vincent de Paul  wish to thank all who contributed so generously to their annual Christmas Church Gate Collection and also those who brought gifts in abundance to the Santa Giving Tree in the church on Giving Sunday. Your continued support is appreciated during these difficult times.

Parish Calendars. It would be great if the area collectors could  help to distribute these to the remaining areas. They are in the Sacristy.  Many thanks.

Anointing of Sick:   Sat  2nd January after 10am Mass.

christmas-1010749_960_720THE HOLY FAMILY OF JESUS, MARY AND JOSEPH
 This week addressing employees at the Vatican and their families Pope Francis spoke about marriage and family life:
                                                                                                                                           “There is another thing I wish to say to you, possibly the most important: I encourage you to take care of your marriage and your children. Look after them, do not neglect them. Marriage is like a plant. It is not like a cupboard that you put in a room and perhaps dust every now and then. A plant is living and must be cared for every day. … Marriage is a living reality: the life of a couple must never be taken for granted, in any phase during the progress of a family. Let us remember that the most valuable gift for children … is their parents’ love. And I do not mean only the love of parents for their children, but also the love between parents themselves, that is, the conjugal bond. This is good for you and for your children.”
“Therefore, first and foremost cultivate the plant of marriage, as spouses, and at the same time take care of the relationship with your children; here too, focus on the human relationship rather than material things. Focus on mercy in your daily relations, between husband and wife, parents and children, brothers and sisters; and take care of grandparents. The Jubilee must be lived also in the domestic church, not only in major events! The Lord love those who practice mercy in ordinary situations. This is my wish for you: to experience the joy of mercy, starting with your family. Happy Christmas!”

thank-you1-300x199THANK YOU
In our Parish of Christ the King, there are many families and individuals who live the faith they profess and whose contribution to parish life is essential and immense. Through their quiet and unnoticed work, the Parish runs smoothly and parish life is enriched.
 As 2015 dawns The Parish Assembly and the Priests of the Parish would like to thank you for you help and support.  Every parish is a kind of family, part of God’s family – we thank God that in our Parish of Christ the King, there are so many families and individuals who live the faith they profess.
 We offer our special thanks also to those who care for the Church and clean it every week, look after the flowers and altar linens, to the Choir, to Ministers of Word and Eucharist,  to Altar Servers and their parents.  We thank the Church Collectors, Sacristan, Caretaker, Parish Dues Collectors, those who care for the sick and elderly. Thanks are also due to St Vincent de Paul Society, St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society, the Legion of Mary, the Prayer Group, the Parish Baptismal Teams, our Child Protection Representatives. We thank those who put up the Crib, Easter and Remembrance Gardens and decorate the sanctuary so beautifully.    We thank you for your generosity in the offertory collection each week for the upkeep of the Church and payment of staff. Our thanks to the Parish Finance Committee and to Sr. Karen Kent and Fr. Charlie from the Pastoral Development Office who have been so helpful.
 We thank all who contributed so generously during 2015 to Trocaire Christmas Gift Cards, to the Trocaire Lenten Campaign, the Lourdes Fund,  and to our collections for the Episcopal Commission, the Holy Places, Pastoral Planning, the Pope’s Collection, the Education Fund, Marriage Care and  the Mission Sunday collection.

imagesWorld Day of Peace, 1st January 2016
Pope Francis’ message for World Day of Peace, 2016 asks us all to “Overcome Indifference and Win Peace.”  Indifference is not something new; there are always people who close their hearts to the needs of others and close their eyes to what is happening around them, who avoid meeting other people’s problems. He asks us to pray and work so that every Christian will have a humble and compassionate heart, capable of proclaiming and witnessing to mercy.  He hopes that all of us will learn to “forgive and give,” to become more open to those living on the fringes of society. May we refuse to fall into indifference or a monotonous routine which prevents us from discovering what is new! “Let us ward off destructive cynicism!”