18th January 2015 – 2nd Sunday Ordinary Time (B)


       “Come and See”

Pointing the way to Jesus
    Christ calls each of us by name, in today’s Mass we should take a moment to reflect on what that call means. In the readings we meet people who were called and answered the call. In the first reading we meet Samuel he was called by God, at first he was unsure of his calling but once he realised who was calling him he opens himself to a life-giving relationship with God.  In the Gospel we again meet John the Baptist  who points  his disciples in the way of Jesus,  one was  Andrew who in turn calls his brother Simon Peter – thus the Church began when they answered the call to be disciples.  The word ‘disciple’ means a learner and suggests a relationship of teaching and learning between Jesus and those whom he attracts. This is not a bad image to describe the interaction between Jesus and us who are his disciples in this generation. During the week if we could put ourselves in the place of the first disciples and call others and point them in the way of Jesus. “Come and see”

Parish Choir:  We are welcoming new members to our Parish Choir. If  you are interested  contact Paula  087-3879733 or any member of the Choir.

Diocesan Quarterly Collection: will be taken us at all Masses this weekend. 17th/18th January.  This collection financially supports the diocesan office and diocesan initiatives, The central fund of the diocese is currently operating at an annual deficit of over €300,000

Confessions:   Saturdays: after the 10am Mass & after Saturday Vigil Mass or ask one of the priests at any time.

Trocaire have written to thank Turner’s Cross Parish for their generosity. (letter in Parish charity_gifts_trocaire_goatAssembly notice board.)  The total collected  from the Christmas  Card Gifts was  €1083.66. The breakdown 43 Chicks, Birth certs 9, School Kits 3, Goats 4 ,& Water 1. This total amounts to €866 with €217.66 for the better world cards.   Many thanks to those who sold the cards every weekend  and to Frank McKevitt who leased with the Trocaire office.

“Marriage in Today’s Society”  Pat & Marian who work with Retrouvaille have experienced the four stages of relationship in their marriage, romance, disillusionment, misery and thanks to Retrouvaille awakening and recovery. They will tell their story and about how Retrouvaille helped their relationship and can help others. Venue: St. Columba’s Church, Douglas, Thur. 22nd Jan. 8pm

Turner’s Cross Active Retirement Group: are re-opening on this Tuesday 20th January in the Centre, Capwell Road at 7.30pm.

Ballyphehane Community Centre  A discussion will take place in the Community Centre on Fri. 6th of Feb. at 3.30pm in relation to creating a new Men’s Shed. Information contact Cllr Paudie Dinneen’s Secretary. 086 0269266

Deaths: We remember in our prayers Lil O’Connor, Beauford Pk. and Sr. Jean Browne, Blackrock who died recently. We extend our sympathy to their families and community.

Gospel Reflection: Do you know what you are missing?  Each Monday after ten o’clock Mass we read the gospel for the following Sunday in the Parish Centre, reflect on it and discuss it among friends.   All are welcome.

A WORD OF APPRECIATION:  On behalf of the parish community, we would like to express our appreciation to the many who give of their time voluntarily to the parish. The members of the following groups in particular are thanked.
Church Liturgical Service:  Ministers of the Word & Eucharist, Choir   Altar Society, “Do this in Memory” Parent group. Funeral Ministry Team,  Church Carers Team,  Altar Servers and their Parents, Sacristan. Those who put the Crib and Easter and Remembrance Gardens.  Caretaker.
Parish Assembly Groups:  Liturgy and Faith Enrichment  & Outreach.    Prayer Group,  Other Parish Groups: St Vincent De Paul, St Joseph’s Young Priests Society and the Parish Child  Protection Officers.  Legion of Mary.
Money Matters:  Parish Finance Committee, Church Offertory Collectors, Collectors of Parish Dues.
Sacramental Preparation:  The Baptismal Team,  Teachers in our Schools – for the wonderful work they do in forming the children in Christ.

Our Parish Bulletin is on the World wide web every weekend www.turnerscross.com


youth prayer

Lord, we thank you for people who guided us but                                                 did not try to possess us:
parents, teachers, spiritual guides, friends.
For a time we stood with them.
Very simply, like John the Baptist,
they said to us, “Look, there is the one you should follow,”
and hearing this we followed that person.                                                                                                               Lord, there are many people who want to do great things for you,
to excel in mighty deeds that will win them glory.
But from time to time someone comes into our lives
and just by looking at them we can say, “Look, there is a lamb of God,”
someone who is willing to do the humble things,
to be patient and to endure.
That is Jesus passing by.