3rd November 2013 – Remembrance weekend in our Parish (31st Sunday)

remembranceRemembrance Weekend

  • Those who lost loved ones during the past year are remembered in a special way at all our Masses this weekend.  Remembrance Weekend is an opportunity to give thanks for the wonderful gift of family, kind neighbors and friendship.   All of us are shaped and influenced by what has happened in the past.  That is why today and during November we pray for those who have died and acknowledge their influence in our own lives.

Reflection:  (you answer “We remember them”)                                                            
In the rising of the sun and its going down                                                                          All.  We remember them
                                                                                                  In the blowing of the wind and the chill of the winter 
                                                           We remember them
In the opening of the buds and the warmth of summer                                                        
We remember them
                                                                                                           In the rustling of the leaves and in the beauty of Autumn                                                     
We remember them                                                                                                        
In the beginning of the year and when it ends                                                                      We remember them
                                                                                                         When we are weary and in need of strength                                                                     
We remember them
                                                                                                        When we are lost and sick of heart                                                                                     
We remember them
                                                                                                        When we have joy and yearn to share.                                                                               
We remember them.                                                                                                         
So long as we live, they too shall live for they are part of us.                                               
We remember them.                                                                                                        
When we gather for prayer                                                                                               We remember them.                                                                                                        
When we grow old and forgetful we still know.                                                                    
All: That God remembers them

The Novena of Masses for the Holy Souls continues until Sun.10th Nov.  Masses each day at 10am & 6pm  If you wish your loved ones to be remembered place their names at box at Altar rails.  Lists available at back of Church. Gather as a family and make out the list of your loved ones who have died.

A thought                                                                                                                             ‘I wrote your name on the sand but the waves washed it away. I wrote your name on the sky but the wind blew it away. I wrote your name on my heart and forever it will stay.’ ~Author Unknown
It is always difficult to understand death or make sense of the loss of a loved one through death. We want our loved ones with us always and yet we know that just as we are born we must also die. Today Remberance Sunday is a day to pause, reflect and pray for those who have died, particularly our nearest and dearest. Many people will visit a cemetery today or some part of this month. It is not an empty or meaningless task. It’s always good to remember those who have died. Our belief is that death is not an end but a beginning for the soul or spirit of the person who has died. Our belief is that our loved ones who have died are still near us but not physically with us. Trying to put this into words is never easy. The only words that really matter today are to our loved ones who have died. Some of these words might be: we still miss you, thank you for so many memories, you are remembered with love today, you will never be forgotten and may you rest in peace. Amen       Fr. James McSweeney

St. Joseph’s Cemetery:  Prayers and blessing of Graves   on  this Sun. 3rd Nov. at 2.30pm.  (bring a little container for Holy Water that will be blessed during the ceremony)

November Blessing of Graves & Prayers                                                                  Sunday 3rd Nov.
St. Finbarr’s  Glasheen Rd. 2 pm                                                                                Douglas  3pm
St. James, Chetwynd  3pm
Rarhcooney 3pm

Sunday 10th Nov.
St. Michael’s Blackrock 3pm
St. Catherine’s Kilcully  3pm

Don’t forget to visit and pray at the graves at the back of the Church.

YoungNanoNano Nagle on the road to Sainthood:  There was great joy on Thursday when Pope Feancis declared Nano  Foundress of the Presentation Sisters as   Venerable –    A Servant of God of Heroic Virtue  – an important step on the road to sainthood.


An Evening with Christy Kenneally       Say ‘Yes’ to Life   An evening on the resources we can call on in times of crisis”   Wed. 13th Nov. 7.30pm.   Dining Hall Dept. of Tourism and Hospitality CIT Bishopstown Campus  Free admission and car parking

Cork South Parish Historical Society: Meeting on Wed. 6th Nov. at 7:30 p.m. in St John’s College  Sawmill St.  Guest Speaker  Gerry White  “The Formation of the Cork Brigade of the Irish Volunteers”   All Welcome  Non-members €2