“Do this in Memory Programme” 2013-2014

DTIM3“Do This in Memory ”
On Tuesday 10th Sept. 2013 we met with the Parents of the Children preparing for First Holy Communion from Bun Scoil, Chriost Ri in the Church at 7.30pm to explain the “Do this in Memory” programme  and selected the class representatives who meet with the priests every month to plan the liturgies.

On Sunday 29th Sept 2013  during the 10am Mass the children from Bun Scoil, Chriost Ri were enrolled for their First Confession and First Holy Communion.

pope-francis-speaksWe have been encouraged, inspired and affirmed by the following quote from Pope Francis:      ‘In pastoral work it is always important to make Christian families part of the process of initiation. Receiving Baptism, Confirmation and First Holy Communion are key moments not only for the individuals receiving them but also for the entire family, which should be supported in its educational role by the various elements of the church community. Here I would emphasise the importance of First Holy Communion … Parish pastoral programmes should make the most of this highly significant moment’.

‘Do this in Memory’ is a parish based sacramental preparation program for First Eucharist. ‘Do This in Memory’ has now gone through two full liturgical cycles and it seems an appropriate time to make some revisions to the programme. Most of the proposed revisions are based on our conversations with people we met as we travelled throughout the country and abroad over the past six years. The most significant and obvious change is the introduction of THUMB:  Thats His/Her Useful Mass Book. This book will replace the Parent Booklet and the Kids Stuff material and will contain a variety of ways in which parents and children can engage with the programme before, during and after Mass.   The content of THUMB will be as follows:
Introduction to the Do This in Memory programme including a guide for parents that suggests ways they might use the programme most effectively
What Happens at Mass? 
An introduction to the Mass in nine parts. Two new characters, Kath and Qumen, who are also preparing for their First Eucharist, help the children and their parents learn more about the Sunday celebration.
The Rite of Mass:
This will help parents and children to participate more fully each time they attend Mass
Nine activity sheets to be completed at home after each Sunday of the programme.
There will continue to be nine Grapevine Newsletters to be distributed after each Do This in Memory Mass. The Grapevine helps parents to engage more fully with the programme at home.

Diary-DatesProgramme Dates

All Masses will be in the Church at 10am                                                                                       2013
Enrollment Sunday  29th Sept.
Sunday, 27 October
Sunday, 24 November Feast of Christ the King
Sunday, 15 December  (Giving Sunday)
Sunday, 26 January
Sunday,  16 February
Tuesday 4 March 7.30pm First Confession 
Sunday  23 March
Sunday, 13 April  Palm Sunday
Saturday 10th May    10.30am First Holy Communion
Sunday, 22 June  Feast of Corpus Christi   Procession in  Church Grounds with
First Communion Children after Mass