30th December 2012 – Feast of the Holy Family

Thank You
As 2013 dawns we The Parish Assembly and the Priests of the Parish would like to thank you for you help and support.  Every parish is a kind of family – We thank God that in our Parish of Christ the King, there are so many families and individuals who live the faith they profess. There are many people whose special contribution to parish life is essential and immense. Through their often unnoticed work, the Parish runs smoothly and parish life is enriched. Today we offer our special thanks to – those who care for the Church and clean it every week, look after the flowers and altar linens, the Choir,  Ministers of Word and Eucharist,  Altar Servers and their parents, Church Collectors, Sacristan, Caretaker, Parish Dues Collectors, those who care for the sick and elderly. St Vincent de Paul Society, St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society. Legion of Mary, The Parish Baptismal Teams. Our Child Protection Representatives. The Prayer Group,  We thank those who put up the Crib, Easter and Remembrance Gardens and decorated the sanctuary so beautifully.    We thank you for your generosity in the offertory collection each week for the upkeep of the Church and payment of staff. Our thanks to the Parish Finance Committee. Sr. Karen Kent and Fr. Charlie from the Pastoral Development Office who have been so helpful.
We the members of the Second Parish Assembly sincerely thank all for their help and support over the past year.   As we begin the New Year we pray that 2013 will bring us many blessings.

The Parish Assembly, Fr. Kerry & Fr. Billy

Fr Kerry’s list of thanks in this Bulletin speaks volumes for the health and vibrancy of Turner’s Cross Parish and its active and committed Parish Assembly. This year we said good-by to Fr Charlie and thanked him for his ministry of six years in this place, and wished him well, and of course we got a somewhat old new curate.  As we look back on 2012 in the context of our country and indeed our Parish, we reflect on difficulties, including economic difficulties, social difficulties, threats to the right to life and we continue to come to terms with difficulties in the Church.  We remember good moments too, most especially the Eucharistic Congress.  .

At Christmas we stopped for a rest, and now we prepare to continue the journey of life.  As we approach 2013 and think about New Year resolutions, we could perhaps consider, all of us, taking our faith more seriously in this Year of Faith. Our lives are journeys to God, and we are called to be holy.  And as we wonder what our call to holiness involves, deep down we know it means to live through love, to live in relationship with Jesus Christ, and to experience peace and calm within, a peace which the world cannot give.  That peace will be nourished by prayer and Sacred Scripture, listening to the word of God.  We pray that we may know joy and good humour, and live through love in God’s presence in 2013 and beyond, until we come at last to him who is all in all.

We thank all who contributed so generously to the following causes during 2012
Trocaire Christmas Gift Cards  €1.030
Trocaire Lenten Campaign  €7.651
Lourdes Fund  €1,213
Eucharistic Congress: € 1.400
Episcopal Commission €1.000
Holy Places        €1,000
Pastoral Planning  €1.178
Pope’s Collection        €1.468
Education Fund        €1,617
Mission Sunday.        €2.107
Marriage Care :    €973

A Great Christmas

It has been a lovely Christmas, there were great crowds and a great atmosphere during the Advent and Christmas Masses, Carol Concert with Liam Lawton, Parish Choir, Bus Scoil Chriost Ri Choir  & Ballinora Choir. All these events brought a wonderful element of joyful preparation, anticipation, participation, celebration and community, we thank all who were involved in any way.
Thank you for your Christmas wishes and generous Christmas offerings.  We appreciate your encouraging words. A happy and healthy New Year to all.
Fr. Billy & Fr. Kerry