30th October 2011 – 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time

Onslaught on hypocrisy
We cannot achieve either happiness or holiness by pretending to be what
we are not. The moment we try to be what we are not we become a fictitious
personality, an unreal presence.  Sincerity helps us to be ourselves. 
A sincere man is not so much one who sees the truth and manifests it as
he sees it, but one who sees the truth and is more than an obstruction. It
lives and is embodied in people and things that are real.
And the secret of sincerity is therefore not to be sought in a philosophical
love for abstract truth but in love for real people and real things – love for the
Great Mystery apprehended in the world around us. 
Many religious people are not saints because they never succeed in
being themselves. 

All Saints Day Tues. 1st Nov: Holyday of Obligation Msses: 10am, 12noon and 6pm.(please note there will be no vigil Mass on Monday evening 31st Oct. (bank holiday)

Our Saints
All around us there are men and women whose stories guide us on our journey. These are people in whom the two great commandments, love of God and love of neighbour, have been joined to an extraordinary degree. We draw encouragement and inspiration from these men and women who have gone before us. Each one has made the path that bit easier for the rest of us. And when we experience weariness and a sense of failure and futility, it's as if they are saying to us, 'We are with you. Don't give up.' They are reminders to us of what life is about. They inspire us, encourage us and give us hope. And of course, they also intercede for us.

All Holy Souls Day Wed. 2nd Nov.  Masses 10am, &  6pm
The Novena of Masses for the Holy Souls begins on this Wed. 2nd -10th Nov. During the Novena daily Masses at 10am & 6pm  Envelopes are available at the back of the Church. Make  out the list of your dead and return them to box at Altar Rails.  Names will be placed at the Altar during the novena.

Special Collection:
Following the recent letter from the Bishop re. the shortage of funds for the running of the Diocese a second collection will be taken up four times a year the first of which will be taken us at all Masses this weekend

The Month of Our Dead
The Church always prays on behalf of the Dead. It is an act of charity to the faithful departed from those who still have the gift of life.  We remember our Dead when we enter their names on the Altar Lists of the Dead so that they may be prayed for at Mass to help them attain eternal rest. It is a long tradition rich in religious and human symbolism. When we remember someone’s name they are still very much alive to us. To remember them is to keep them alive. The month of November gives us a unique opportunity to offer their names to God. so that his love and mercy may shine on them.  Our faith teaches us that life is changed not ended. As long as we remember our dead they are not forgotten. We also pray that they will look after us who are left behind to continue our journey towards the day when we will meet again in our heavenly home.

Remembrance Weekend 5th & 6th Nov. 
At all our Masses next weekend we as a Community will have an opportunity to come together to remember all our loves ones, especially those who have died since November last year and to support one another in our loss. Family members are invited to light a light in memory of their loved ones and place it on the altar rail before Mass. Lights will be available at the back of the Church at the Masses.  All Masses next weekend will be offered for our Dead.

Indulgence for the Holy Souls

You can gain an indulgence for the Holy Souls from 1st to 8th November by visiting a cemetery, (The Priests’ Graves in Church grounds is a cemetery) pray for the dead and say the Our Father, Hail Mary and a prayer for the Pope’s intentions.

We remember in our prayers John Hallahan, Mercier Pk.  Mona O’Brien and Elizabeth Spillane who died recently, we extend our sympathy to their families.

The Alzheimer Society
:  Carer Support Meeting will take place on Wed. the 9th of Nov. from 3pm to 4.30pm in our Day Care Centre in Bessboro, Blackrock.

Age Action
has now moved into a new permanent office in St. Luke's Home in Mahon and can now offer a direct dial local phone number for older people to call to arrange to have odd-jobs and DIY work done in their homes free of charge.  021-4536554, which older people can call to arrange to have jobs done around their homes free of charge.

Rosary Procession
around the Lough Sun. 30th Oct. In Reparation and in Honour of The Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Assemble at the Lough Church at 2.30pm  Divine Mercy at 3pm followed by procession around the Lough and Benediction

Cork South Parish Historical Society
Monthly Meeting on Wed. 2nd Nov. at 7:30 p.m
in  St John’s College Sawmill Street,  Speaker  Michael Lenihan  will display
A Selection of Rare Images of Cork  All Welcome  Non-members €2 euro  Note the earlier starting time from previous years

Eucharistic Congress:
Volunteers urgently needed for the 50th International Eucharistic Congress in Dublin from 10th to 17th June 2012.
See notice at back of Church

November Blessing of Graves & Prayers

Sat. 5th Nov.
St. Olivers 2pm with Mass

Sun 6th Nov.  
St.Joseph’s Tory Top Rd. 2.30pm
St. Finbarr’s  Glasheen Rd. 2.30pm
Douglas  3pm
Rathcooney 3pm
St. James, Chetwynd  3pm

Sunday 13th Nov.
St. Michael’s Blackrock 3pm
St. Catherine’s Kilcully  3pm