3rd April 2011 – 4th Sunday of Lent

Parish Confirmations
Across Ireland, Confirmation ceremonies are taking place. It is an occasion of great joy and celebration for all the young people being confirmed. The human spirit is an essential part of each person. It is the mirror of our soul. Like any living thing, it needs nourishment and care. The Holy Spirit, in Confirmation, connects with our soul in a truly special way. This is impossible to describe fully or put it into words. It is known as a sacred moment and that’s why every Confirmation ceremony is indeed a sacred occasion. As we pray for all who are to be  confirmed on Wednesday by Bishop Buckley, we  ask the Holy Spirit to guide each of us as well and to continue nourishing our human spirit.
We wish all those to be confirmed, their families and teachers a lovely day on Wednesday.

There will be no 10am Mass on Wednesday 6th April because of Confirmations at 10.30am.  There will be Mass at 9am & 6pm

Mothers Day
We wish all Mothers a happy day, our 12 noon Mass will be offered for our Mothers living or deceased. If you would like your mother to be remembered special cards are available at the Parish Office after Mass.  “No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you – life”  Lots of cards and gifts will be given to many mothers today. But no gift or card can ever sum up the uniqueness of a mother. Nothing can ever sum up the impact of our mothers in our lives.  Today Mother’s day is a day to celebrate and a day to thank God for our mothers. It is also a day to remember mothers who are deceased, their memory will never be forgotten.
Prayer for a Mother
Lord bless my mother today and every day.
Bless her for bringing me into the world and for all
she has ever done for me all her countless acts of love.
Bless her for all the good things I have received through her caring.
Bless all those mothers who try to care for their families
in difficult circumstances.
Bless all those mothers who have gone to their heavenly home.
May they find joy and peace in the Family of God.   Amen

Seeking Common Ground
Responding to the declining number of priests in Cork and Ross.
Preparing to face this challenge?
In an attempt to prepare for this challenge, Bishop Buckley organised the diocese into seventeen pastoral areas a little over two years ago, each area comprising of a number of neighbouring parishes.  The goal of these pastoral areas is to foster greater co-operation between the parishes and to explore how they might work more closely together for the benefit of all their communities.    
Given the continuing fall in the number of priests in the diocese, each pastoral area now faces the very real prospect of  losing at least one priest within a couple of years.  Any decision in this regard will be both difficult and painful.  To help him in these difficult decisions, Bishop Buckley has invited the parishes in each pastoral area to come together and to make recommendations as to how they think this might be achieved in a way that is fair to all concerned.
Part of that conversation will involve looking at the number of Sunday Masses available in each area.  Each pastoral area is being asked to propose an agreed reduced schedule of Sunday Masses that could be implemented by January 2012.  Whilst the number of masses in each is very likely to be affected, it is hoped that parishioners will continue to enjoy as wide a choice as possible of mass times within their own pastoral area from which they will be free to choose.  Hopefully this new schedule will also allow for priests within a pastoral area to cover for one another when any one of them is unavailable due to illness, personal circumstances or vacation.  (Next week – An invitation to work together)    Sean O’Sullivan

How are things going for me this Lent?
Have I made an effort since Ash Wednesday?, It is never too late to start. It is not about the size of the action that is important, but the difference that a small action makes. When we change, it changes everything.   You might not be big into prayer. Maybe you only do it in emergencies, or maybe you never pray at all. Lent is a time to set that right. Decide to pray at least once a day. It might be a short morning prayer you think up yourself, or a few words before going to bed. It doesn't matter what you say or how you pray, as long as you make the effort to connect with God.
Cork South Parish Historical Society Monthly Meeting on Wed. 6th April at 7:45 p.m in St John’s College, Sawmill Street. Guest Speakers: Gerry White & Donal Vaughan will speak on Aspects of Cork and the Great War 1914-18
Tory Top Library, Ballyphehane celebrates National Music Day on Friday 8th April.
At 10.00a.m. performances by “Crescendos”, the school orchestra from Maria Assumpta Senior School and the school choir. At 11.00a.m. performance by Maria Assumpta Junior School. Admission free & all are welcome.

Deaths: We extend our sympathies to the families of Sean Buckley, Mt Pleasant and Louisa Long, Mercier Park, may they rest in eternal peace.