January 3rd 2010 – 2nd Sunday of Christmas

Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord  – 6th January
Holiday of Obligation and Church Holiday,
Mass Times: Vigil Tuesday 5th Jan. 6 pm
Wednesday 6th Jan.  10 am & 12 noon. & 6 pm

Just when most people are about to take down the Christmas tree and decorations, the wise men arrive. The feast of the Epiphany, which we celebrate on Wednesday – the 12th day of Christmas, – is an important one. Just like the wise men we are all searching for meaning and purpose to life. We are looking for answers to our deepest questions. The journey of the wise men reminds us that those who are searching for something deeper will find God in their lives. God is waiting to be discovered in the places and people that we least expect God to be. We pray today for guidance and direction in our own daily journey. As we make our New Year resolutions, we like the wise men  pray  for strength and courage on our journey especially when the going is difficult.  Many of our resolutions  evolve around correcting what is negative. It’s little wonder that they don’t last. Of course it’s important to check in on what needs improving but so often we concentrate only on the negative. As we begin this New Year why not check in on all that’s good and positive in our lives. This is a great starting point. We can use all that’s good and positive as areas of growth and potential. When this happens the negative begins to be squeezed out. The message of the Gospels reminds us that it won’t all happen today, but most certainly will over time, if we make the effort.

Amazing Christmas
The atmosphere during Christmas and Advent Masses and Carol Concert brought out a wonderful element of joyful preparation, anticipation, celebration and community, we thank all who were involved in any way.
Thank you for your generous Christmas offerings. We treasure your warm greetings, good wishes and encouraging words.
Again we wish you health, every joy and blessing for 2010
Fr. Kerry & Fr. Charlie.

We remember in our prayers:
Cardinal Cahal Daly
Margaret O’Hare,  Millstreet
Anne Quinn, Capwell Ave.
Dan Cronin, Derrynane Rd.
Francis Carlile, Congress Rd.
We extend our sympathy and prayers to their Families.

A New Year Prayer
Light of Bethlehem, burn brightly in our homes this New Year
Light of Peace, heal the  wounds of sin in our lives.
Show us the path of forgiveness and love in the year ahead.
Light of Joy, fill our lives with happiness.
Light of Comfort strengthen the sick, the needy and those
who need our prayers at this time.
Light of hope, gently guide us through this New Year.
Light of the World, teach us to love you more each day.
Light of Bethlehem shine in our lives this day and every day.

Vocation Prayer:
Gracious God, you bless us, your people, in every season and provide for our needs through your providential care. Your Church is continually in need of priests, sisters, and brothers to offer themselves in the service of the gospel through lives of dedicated love. Open the hearts of your sons and daughters to hear your call to serve. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

St. Vincent de Paul
The members of the Parish Conference wish to thank all who contributed so generously to their annual  Christmas Church Gate Collection the sum of € 6,271 was contributed also those who brought gifts to the Santa Basket. Your continued support will be appreciated during these difficult times.

Websites you may find helpful
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Prayer with Children: http://www.cptryon.org/prayer/child/
Faith at Home: http://www.faith-at-home.com/tips/
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Parish of Turners Cross: http://www.turnerscross.com
The Irish Catholic : http://www.irishcatholic.ie
L’Osservatore Romano: http://www.vatican.va/news_services/or/or_eng/index.html
Vocations: http://www.vocations.ie

Maker of the world and of all creation,
You made us in your image and intended us for creative work.
Look with love on those of us who are unemployed.
Help us to enjoy life together with those who have work
and to understand what kind of help we need to give one another,
whether in paid employment or not.
Guide the leaders of our country,
that they may take wise decisions which will benefit us all.
Finally, we ask you Lord, to guide us in the knowledge
that we all have worth in ourselves
and that we are all of equal value in your eyes,
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord – AMEN.

Prayer to know my vocation.
My Lord and my God,
you are Love itself, the source of all love and goodness.
Out of love you created me to know you, to love you,
and to serve you in a unique way, as no one else can.
I believe that you have a plan for my life,
that you have a mission in your Kingdom reserved for me alone.
Lord grant me the light of grace I need to see the next step in Your plan;
grant me the generosity necessary to follow your call;
and grant me the courage required to take up my cross and to follow you.
Show me your will, O gentle and eternal God, and help me to say with Mary,
“I am the servant of the Lord; let it be done to me according to your word.”
Let me say with Jesus, “Let not my will be done, but yours.” Amen.

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