October 11th 2009 – 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Next Sunday: Mission Sunday.
Mission Sunday is celebrated this year on Sunday next 18th October, 2009. The annual collection (after Holy Communion next Sunday) provides financial assistance to Young Churches and missionaries allowing them to meet the spiritual and human needs of some of the world's poorest people.  In 2008 the Irish people contributed over €2.5 million to the collection, helping greatly to sustain the work of the 1,976 Irish missionaries currently serving throughout the world. (The people of Cork & Ross contributed €160,848 to the collection). The theme of Mission Sunday 2009 is Reach Out. The theme reminds Catholics that Mission Sunday gives us the chance to aid our brothers and sisters in mission countries through spiritual and material offerings. In essence, some give to the missions by going, others go to the missions by giving.

Autumn Dues
We would appreciate if the Area Collectors would collect the envelopes this weekend 10th/11th Oct. Many thanks.

Ministries of the Word & Eucharist.
We are inviting you to consider becoming a minister of either the Word or the Eucharist in our parish joining the existing teams.  You may wish to volunteer (leave your name in at the sacristy/ the priest’s houses or to any member of The Parish Assembly) or you may wish to nominate another member of our community.  Forms are included in the packs being delivered to every home in the parish this weekend.  New ministers will be offered preparation sessions at a date to be announced.

St Joseph’s Young Priest’s Society
A.G.M & MASS at 7.30pm on Tuesday 13th October in the Parish Centre ~ All are welcome.

Invitation to Pray
Every Monday after the 10am Mass in The Parish Centre.

Turners Cross Parish Assembly.
Monthly Meeting at 8pm in the Parish Centre – all members are requested to attend.

All Completed Forms for new and existing servers are to be returned this weekend.

‘Do this in Memory’
Meeting of the Co-ordinating parents Group will take place in Fr Charlie’s house on this Monday evening @ 7.30pm.  Mass for First Holy Communion Children at 10.30am next Sunday.

Last weekend Offertory Collection came to €2,202

We extend our sympathy to the family of Sonny Sheehan, Connolly Pk., who died recently. May he be at peace with God.

Cork Maternity Hospital Service of Remembrance
A service of remembrance will be held by Cork University Maternity Hospital for anyone who has experienced pregnancy or infant loss. The service will be held on Thursday October 15th 2009 at 7.30pm in St. Joseph’s Church, (SMA), Wilton.  A Hospital Chaplain said “The death of a baby, before or after birth is a deeply painful experience. We hope that our multi-denominational service will be an opportunity for all who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss to join with the hospital community to remember their loved one and to find healing and support.

Cork Mended Hearts
25th Anniversary MASS on Wednesday 14th October in Cork University Hospital at 7.30pm ~ Homily: Fr James Good.  Music : Southern Gospel Choir. All are welcome.

MRSA and Families Network
are holding a memorial day/ecumenical service in the Church of the Resurrection, Farranree, Cork, on Friday 16th October, 2009 at 8pm.  We invite you to join us in this ecumenical service of prayer, caring and support, for all who have lost their lives and for the people who continue to suffer from a health care acquired infection.  All are welcome. 
Website: <A href="http://www.mrsaandfamiliesnetwork.com">www.mrsaandfamiliesnetwork.com</A>

"Friends of the Residents of St. Finbarr's Hospital”
We are having a night at the dogs at Curraheen Park on Saturday, 24th October.  Tickets:  €10 (children under 16 free).  Tickets available in the sacristy and must be purchased from here or via St Finbarr's Hospital in order to benefit our effort.  We look forward to seeing you on the night!"