December 25th 2008 – Christmas Day

Christmas Message
A very Happy Christmas to you all.
Fr. Charlie joins me in  wishing you blessings and happiness this Christmas and throughout 2009.  Nollaig shonasach agus athbhliain shuaimhneach.
We love Christmas, for various reasons.  It is the most human of feasts – how much more human can it be than to see a new-born baby in its mother's arms.  Stop for a moment and reflect on it.  God become man; divine become human. And as a result we mere humans can share in the divine.  What a wonderful, joyful mystery it is. 

We always love Christmas. Sharing Masses and Celebrations in the various parishes we have served in, spending time with our families and friends during the festive season it is the happiest time of the year.
We pray that we will all know the peace of Christ. That whatever our troubles, whatever our fears about the credit crunch or the year to come, that we will allow Jesus to be born anew in our hearts. Every human heart, every human mind is a new Bethlehem awaiting the birth of the Saviour in the midst of its troubles and fears. It is this Saviour who will guide our feet in the ways of peace.

Pope Benedict on the Crib.
Children gathered is St.Peter’s Square in Rome on “Bambino Sunday”(3rd Sunday in Advent) to get their little figures of the Christ child blessed by the Holy Father.  Speaking to the pilgrims,  Pope Benedict described how as a small boy he used to love making the Christmas crib along with his brother and sister,   gathering wood and moss and other items on country walks and taking the whole thing very seriously!

Priests Collection
The Annual Christmas Collection for the Priests of the Parish will take place at the Masses on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

St. Stephen's Day: 26th Dec.  Mass at 10 am.   Feast of the Holy Family: Sunday 28th Dec.  Try and make it a special family Mass

Deaf:  We welcome the members of the Deaf Club and Community. who are joining us for our Mass this Christms night.

Death: We remember in our prayers Michael Noonan, Mercier Park who died recently and extend our sympathy and prayers to his family

Irish Blessings for the Christmas Season
May you be blessed
With the spirit of the season, which is peace,
The gladness of the season,
Which is hope,
And the heart of the season, which is love.