July 20th 2008 – 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Saints and Sinners –  Wheat and Weeds
Christ’s parable  in the gospel this Sunday presents a picture of the world which even a child could grasp. Everybody knows that the world is made up of good people and bad people. It is exactly like a field in which wheat and weeds grow side by side. Yet the parable seems to present problems. The problem to which Christ’s parable was originally addressed concerned not the world as a whole but the People of God. Some people were scandalised that sinners were included among them. People like the Pharisees believed that the Church should only consist of so-called good people. Sinners should be ruthlessly weeded out. But Christ did not agree. He said the Kingdom of God is a mixed bag in which sinners and saint rub shoulders. No attempt should be made to weed them out. His reasons for adopting this attitude are important for us today.
We too often act like the Pharisees. A person makes a serious mistake or commits a wrong against us, and we immediately rush to judgement. We categorise and cut off that person for ever. But this is wrong. The time for judgement is not yet. The kingdom of God is still at the growing stage. Now is the time for conversion. People can change.
So what should we do?. Take a good look into the field of our own lives to see what is growing there. If we find some weeds there, as no doubt we will, there is no law against pulling them out. If we try to do so, we will discover what a painful process this is. As far as others are concerned, we should try to act towards them as Christ acted. Isn’t it strange that the man who had no trace of weed in him could be so understanding towards those who failed to measure up, and so reluctant to weed them out? Why for instance did he not weed out Judas? And why didn’t he weed out Peter, who denied him not once, but three times? He didn’t weed out Peter because he knew he was not so much evil as weak. He saw the weeds in his life, but he saw the wheat too. He knew that with encouragement the wheat would prevail. And it did!

Offertory Collection
Last weekend offertory collection came to €2,228 – Thank you for your generosity.

We extend our prayers and sympathies to the family of Marjorie O'Sullivan of Ashdale Park South Douglas Rd – Lord grant her eternal peace and joy – and to her family and friends strength and hope.

Baptismal Team Training.
The Parish Assembly are organising in conjunction with the Cork & Ross Pastoral Planning Development a training course for Baptismal Teams in the Turners Cross Parish Centre in September.  We are currently inviting parishioners who would like to be involved in this course to contact us either by phone or letter.

Could You Be A Healer?
Are you suffering the pain of loss in your life?  Have you ever experienced the grief of death or separation of any kind?  Perhaps you know someone who is suffering at this time.  Getting assistance from trained people can lighten the burden and help us to find healing and growth. The Parish Assembly would like to get in touch with people who are prepared to undertake a training course with a view to setting up a Parish Bereavement Team comprised of people who have experienced and processed grief and loss in their own lives.  The course is held here in Cork City and entails one night a week for eight weeks.  Prior to selection for the course an information night will be arranged for those who are interested. If you would like to accompany others in their grief and are interested in this course, please leave your contact details in the sacristy in an envelope marked Parish Assembly Support Group.

We welcome to the Christian Community: Leon Anthony Clarke-O'Shea who was baptised recently.

Priesthood in Cork and Ross
If you are thinking about priesthood and have questions at this time Please feel free to contact at any time: Fr Bertie O'Mahony, (021-4371684), Fr Tom Deenihan (021-4301717) or Fr Charlie Kiely – Turners Cross on 021-4313103.

A new opportunity for adults interested in exploring their faith…..This course will begin in Cork City in September, 2008. Brochure available in Parish Office. Further information contact Fr. Seán O'Sullivan, Adult Religious Education Office at 021-4357765 or email are@corkandross.org.  Places limited.  Closing date for applications 31st July, 2008. Bus going to Our Lady's Island,  Wexford in Sun, .July 27 th July Phone Margaret  4961581 

This Year’s National Grandparents’ Pilgrimage
will take place at Our Lady of Knock Shrine, Mayo on Sunday 14th September. 2.00 p.m. – anointing of the sick, 3.00 p.m. Pilgrimage Mass followed by Rosary procession. Chief Celebrant is Bishop John Fleming, Killala and guest singer is Fr. Liam Lawton.

World Youth Day 2008
I had an e-mail from Fr. Kevin Lee  from The Parish of Padre Pio outside Sydney who visited us here in Turner's Cross last Summer, he says of World Youth Day – "There is such a positive feeling around the place especially if you happen to be in the city or any of the touristy places.  Lots of young people joyfully singing, praying and playing and not falling over drunk  or picking fights with people. I hope the faith, happiness, love and optimism that the young pilgrims have brought to our country will continue to spread throughout the world."   Pope Benedict's final Mass with the the young people will be  this Sunday on   RTE  One at 11.05 am and Sky T.V.   EWTN – 769.
Our world has grown weary of greed, exploitation and division. Humanity is squandering the earth’s resources to satisfy its insatiable appetite for material goods.’ ~Pope Benedict speaking at the World Youth Day in Sydney

Applications are being invited from people who wish to apply to work in the Diocese of Cork and Ross as a Co-ordinator of Pastoral Development as a member of the pastoral development personnel in the diocese.
The work will include:
— Helping to further and sustain collaborative ministry and leadership in the parishes of Cork and Ross.
— Working as part of a diocesan pastoral team of clergy and laity to coordinate and provide training and support to Parish Councils and Parish Assemblies.
— Facilitating inter-parish cooperation and development.
The successful applicant will have relevant qualifications, experience and excellent interpersonal skills, will be computer literate and a car owner. An attractive remuneration package (€40,000+), commensurate with qualifications and experience, is available.
Application Form available from:
The Director, Pastoral Development Office, Parochial House, Ballyphehane, Cork, Ireland or via email to jk.crss@gmail.com.
Closing date for receipt of Applications and Curriculum Vitae will be 12 noon Tuesday 29th July, 2008.