July 13th 2008 – 15th Sunday of Ordinary Time

Bishop establishes 16 pastoral areas and appoints coordinators
After a lengthy period of preparation and consultation. The 68 parishes of the diocese have been grouped to work together in 16 pastoral areas.
The first evident change will be that parishes will plan and organize most aspects of parish life in groups called "pastoral areas". The parishes that will be part of each of the sixteen pastoral areas have been decided and their planning together will begin in September of this year.
The priests  in each pastoral area will work together to meet the needs of the group of parishes in the area. Structures will also be put in place to promote cooperation between the parish pastoral councils, parish assemblies and parish finance committees in each pastoral area. The Pastoral Area Coordinating Group in each area will have clergy, religious and lay parishioners as members.
Bishop Buckley has also appointed one of the priests from each of the areas to be the Pastoral Area Coordinator. The coordinator will lay the foundations for cooperation between the parishes and guide the development of the pastoral area with support from diocesan personnel.
Our Pastoral area consist of 6 Parishes Turner's Cross, Ballyphane, Togher, Ss. Peter & Paul's, The South Parish and the Lough. The Pastoral Area Coordinator is our Parish Priest Fr. Kerry Murphy-O'Connor.  There are eleven priests in our Pastoral Area.

'A word on The Word'
Every moment and every event of our lives on earth plants something in our souls. Unfortunately, not everything grows. God is continually calling us to a more authentic life. It is not a task that he imposes on us accompanied by a threat of punishment if we do not comply with his wishes. Rather it is an opportunity he offers us. We are his children, and like any good parent, he wants us to grow.
For many years now the seed of his word has been falling into the soil of our hearts.
There are some who offer the seed the good soil of a receptive heart. They make God’s voice an important voice in their lives. They take heart when they see the seed begin to grow. They continue to nurture it, so that in time it blossoms and enriches their lives. It is we as persons who must grow. We all have a tremendous potential for good. At the end of our lives it might be the fact that we have not used this, rather than the evil that we have done, which will cause us most regret.
Our main task is to be open and receptive to God’s word. We must leave the growth and harvest in God’s hands. Nevertheless, we often do not demand enough of ourselves. We ought to long and strive for the perfection of ourselves. At the end of the day we will not be judged by results but by the efforts we have made. God can help us in this way by offering us the seed of his word.

Ministers of the Eucharist
Now that we are into the holiday season, there may be a shortage of Ministers of the Eucharist for daily and weekend Masses.All Ministers are requested to come prepared to help out if they are required.

World Youth Day 2008. SYDNEY.
Pope Benedict will arrive in Sydney Harbour by boat on next Thursday 17th, and pilgrims from all over the world will gather at the waterfront to welcome him. On Friday, Sydney will come to a halt for a re-enactment of the Stations of the Cross, and on Saturday, over a million people are expected to make the pilgrim walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Randwick Racecourse, for night prayer with the Holy Father, and a night vigil. Morning Mass with Pope Benedict on Sunday will end with the announcement of the next World Youth Day venue by the Pope.
Our prayers and good wishes to Pope Benedict and the Young People from all over the World as they gather in Sydney to pray, reflect and enjoy themselves.

A Summer's Evening on the Quad
3rd Annual Charity Concert organised by the Community Policing – Barrack St Garda Station.  in aid of the Children's Leukaemia Association (Mercy Hospital) and the Cork Multiple Sclerosis. Venue UCC Quad on Friday July 18th. Tickets available from ProMusica on 4271659 or UCC Visitor's Centre on 4901876.

Offertory Collection
Last weekend offertory collection came to €2,200  Thank you for your generosity.

We extend our prayers and sympathies to the families of: Sheila Kenneally, Church View, Curragh Rd. and Betty Lyons, Friars Rd. who died during the week. Lord grant them eternal peace and joy – and to their families and friends strength and hope.