May 25th 2008 – Feast of Corpus Christi

The Eucharistic  Procession
takes place on this Sunday May 25th. [url=]
The feast of Corpus Christi celebrates the presence of Christ in the Eucharist. The Blessed Sacrament will be borne by Bishop Buckley in procession through the streets of our City. Sr. Briege McKenna will be taking part in this year’s Corpus Christi Procession  She will speak at the Benediction in Daunt’s Square at around 4pm.
Immediately after the Benediction, Sr. Briege will lead an hour of Healing Prayer with the Blessed Sacrament in St. Peter and Paul’s Church. The combined choirs of the Cathedral and Farranree will sing at the procession, and the soloist will be Fiona O’Reilly.
Our Parish Group will assemble outside the Church here in Turner's Cross, ready to move off at 3.00 pm.  We encourage families to be part of this great public demonstration of our Faith – Christ present in the Eucharist.

Novena to the Sacred Heart
Continues until next Friday 30th May – The Feast of the Sacred Heart. Leaflets with the Novena Prayers for each day are available at the back of the Church (pink sheet). We encourage families to make the Novena. It will take only about 3 minutes each day. The novena prayers will be said at the 10am Mass each day.

Offertory Collection
Last weekend offertory collection came to €2,243.  Thank you for your generosity.

Child Protection
Last December Bishop Buckley sent a letter to every parish in the Diocese announcing the planned appointment of a Parish Child Protection Representative in each parish. The role of these representatives will be to ensure that all information about child protection procedures will be available in each parish, thus ensuring that each parish is committed to best practice in respect of children and young people. In recent weeks our Parish Representative has undergone training with representatives from other parishes.
Child Protection Policy Statement  for our Parish of Christ the King is as follows:
We in the parish of Christ the King value and encourage the participation of children and young people in all parish activities that enhance their spiritual, physical, emotional and social development. We recognise the dignity and rights of all children and young people and are committed to ensuring their protection and support.
In keeping with this, we will work to do all in our power to create safe environments for children and young people. This is in order to secure their protection and enable their full participation in the life of the parish. Details of these procedures are available from our Parish Representative.  The Parish Representative will oversee the implementation of these procedures with group leaders who work with children and young people in Church-related activities.
Your Parish Representative is:  Mary Ryder, 086 151 6757.

Freedom For My People (A Biblical Buffet)
Friday 13th June 2008
Charles Conroy, John Newman, Seán O'Sullivan, William Olhausen Topics:
1.  Freedom in the Bible,   2. The Spirit of Freedom in St. Paul,
3.  The Idea of Freedom in Exodus and  4. Jesus and Liberation.
St. Finbarr's College, Farranferris  Redemption Road,  Cork.
Registration fee €15, Members €10 .
Time table:  Introduction & Three Workshops 7pm Registration. 7.30pm Introduction. 8pm Find your workshop  8.15pm Workshops  9.15pm Buffet   10pm  Conclusion

Turners Cross Gramaphone Recital
Final Recital of the season  in the Parish Centre on next Tuesday May 27th at 7.45pm. Presenter: Tom Maher.

Masses for Exams
All those preparing for or doing exams ware included in our Shared Mass offered each Friday Morning at 10am.  Special Exam Mass Cards are now available from the Sacristy. The 10am Mass Wed. 4th June the day the exams begin will be offered for the students.
Exam Prayer
Teacher and Friend,
be with me now as I sit this exam.
Give me a peaceful heart,
a focused mind and a steady hand.
Help me to remember what I have learned,
to answer wisely and well,
and persevere when I am tired and weary.

“Do this in Memory” Family Mass
We  have our final “Do This in Memory” Mass  this weekend when  the First Communicants will walk in our Eucharistic Procession which will take place following the 10.30am Mass in the Church Grounds.
We thank the Parent Class representatives, all the Parents and Teachers for their cooperation during the year.

We welcome into the Christian Community Pierce Bernard Hanley who was Baptised recently.

We offer sincere and prayerful sympathy to the Families of Mike Hourigan, Connolly Rd. and Sheila Nestor, Kilcolman Lawn who died  during the week.  Lord grant them eternal peace and joy, and to their  families & friends strength and comfort.

Prayer After Holy Communion
Lord Jesus I love and adore you.
You’re a special friend to me.
Welcome, Lord Jesus, O welcome.
Thank you for coming to me.
Thank you, lord Jesus, O thank you
for giving yourself to me.
Make me strong  to show your love wherever I may be.
Be near me Lord Jesus, I ask you to stay
Close by me for ever and love me I pray.
Bless all of us children in your loving care
and bring us to heaven to live with you there
I’m ready now Lord Jesus to show how much I care
I’m ready now to give your love at home and everywhere.

Heineken Cup Victory

Out congratulations to Munster on their great win in The Heineken Cup
You did us proud – well done.