January 27th 2008 – 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

All For One?
M. Scott Peck wrote in The Different Drum: Pseudo community is conflict-avoiding; true community is conflict resolving. In today’s second reading (1 Cor 1:10-13, 17) Paul would seem to hold a similar view. He appeals to the Corinthians to remember in whose name they were baptised. Respecting their common baptism in Jesus name creates unity. As Paul asks them collectively and not individually about their baptism, they must answer collectively. They can do that only by talking constructively together first. Respect for Jesus name is the springboard to that desired exchange.
Two things are clear here: baptism unifies; it’s not automatic. Those baptised have to work with their baptism to allow it to have its effect. This doesn’t mean that as soon as we recall our common baptism in Jesus name everything is hunky dory. No more bickering, shortsighted self-interest, or breaking up into groups, gangs or factions. Call them what you will.
But what it does mean is that we’ll have to do some heavy-duty thinking about why we want to be called Christian in the first place and follow with behaviour that shows that why.
Today more than ever conflict resolution, at all levels, is direly needed today being Holocaust Memorial Day.

First Friday
Fr. Charlie and Fr. Kerry will visit the sick and the housebound on Thursday & Friday of this week .
There will be Exposition of the Most Blessed Sacrament on Friday after 10am Mass until 1pm.

Each Thursday night from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm for 13 weeks beginning on Thursday 31st January 2008 in Marydyke House (Presentation Brothers), Cork.  Organised by the NOSTRA (New Opportunities for the Study of Theology and Religion for Adults) programme.  For more information please contact: email: Deirdre.Franklin@mic.ul.ie  or  Tel:  061 204507 or email: Eileen.Daly@mic.ul.ie  Tel: 061 204962

Summary of Bishop Buckley’s Letter.
Since our pastoral plan called Pilgrim Steps was launched in 2005, parishes have been setting up and consolidating their pastoral councils, parish assemblies and parish finance committees.  I thank all those involved in this work and I know that it will bear much fruit.
I now think it is necessary to move on to the next stage, as proposed in that document – the creation of pastoral areas.  This is a process whereby neighbouring parishes plan and work together in a way that is truly co-operative.
Moving towards co-operation and sharing of resources between parishes is all the more imperative as the number of priests decreases.  The scarcity of priests is taking hold and we have to respond to it in practical ways.
Last year, I established a working group to assist me in developing further the concept of pastoral areas.  Solutions to many of the questions need to be found by all of us working together and sharing our gifts and talents.  It is my hope that during this year we can make significant progress in developing pastoral areas in the diocese.
I am convening an initial meeting for clergy, religious and parish representatives which will take place on Sunday March 9th – 2008 in Cork.  At this meeting – we will outline and discuss the first steps involved in setting up pastoral areas in the diocese, in other words, in helping each parish to plan and work more closely with its neighbours.
It is my aim to keep everyone informed of developments as we progress in this important work.  Please this work in your prayers.
+John Buckley
Bishop of Cork & Ross.
26th January 2008.

We welcome into the Christian Community Baby Megan Cullinane-McCarthy who was baptised recently at Christ the King Church.

In Joyful Hope.
Bishopstown Lay Dominican Chapter invite you to join them in a day of Reflection and Prayer on Saturday 9th February in St Dominic’s Retreat House, Montenotte.  For details phone: Rose – 4874595 or Jo – 4541331.

Cork South Parish Historical Society
Monthly Meeting on Wednesday 6th February @ 8pm. Guest Speaker: Liam O’hVigín –  full details on Church Notice-board.

Important Dates
6th Feb. Ash Wednesday
11th Feb. World Day of Prayer for the Sick
5th March First Confessions Boys
6th March First Confessions Girls
14th April Parish Confirmations
10th May First Holy Communions Girls
17th May First Holy Communion Boys

Beginning Experience
There is a whole heartache for those who find themselves single again through the death of a loved one or separation. Now there is help.  A weekend away a lifetime of change.
For information, Contact:  Family Ministry, 34 Paul St.  Tel: 4275136
Next Beginning Experience Weekend:  Ennismore Retreat Centre, Montenotte.  7th-9th March

Parish Assembly
There will be a meeting of all the members of the The Parish Assembly in the Parish Centre in this Wednesday 30th Jan.  at 8pm

Mass Cards and Cards for the Friday Shared Mass  are available in the Sacristy after Mass. The Shared Mass every Friday at 10 am is offered for the sick, for those who have died and for your special intentions.

We wish to thank Cork City Council for the placing of the Yellow Box at the entrance to our church.  This should help in a better flow of traffic on Evergreen Rd. Many Thanks.

Youth Club
A new Turners Cross youth club for 9 to 13 year olds has been set up in conjunction with Ogra Chorcai. Registration will take place on Friday 1st February in the Turners Cross Community Centre from 6.30 – 7.30pm. Places are limited and preference will be given to those living in the Turners Cross area. Parents must attend registration night. For further info contact 087-2600270

St Vincent de Paul Society.
The members of Christ King Conference of St Vincent de Paul wish to thank most sincerely all those who contributed so generously to our Christmas Collection and to the Christmas Giving Mass.  Your kindness and ongoing support is greatly appreciated.

Women's Health Morning
A women's health morning will be held on Thursday 31st January in Turners Cross Community Centre at 10.15am. Two workshops will be held entitled "Stress Management" and "Women's Well Being". Admission is free. All are Welcome.