12th August 2007 – 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today our readings speak to us about faith. Faith seems easy to understand at times and at other times, we hardly know what it is. Faith is believing in something or someone. We can speak about having faith in our friends, in our families or in our country—among other ways of having faith. Faith is God's call for a commitment. Lots of people today would rather remain agnostic, saying that they don’t know if there is a God or not. And there are plenty of atheists who don’t believe that any God exists.
The Gospel  speaks about being willing to do God’s will, even when it seems useless or not helpful to us. This can really speak to us believers today because more and more the values of the Gospel are being challenged by our secular cultures and even by our friends and sometimes by our families.
For all of us who follow  Jesus, there is this consistent invitation to believe, to recognize the Word of God in our Scriptures and to embrace the morality taught by our Lord.  All of this, of course, is about loving Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. It is about loving the Church as Christ’s presence in our world. And it is about setting our hearts and our whole being on following Jesus. May our Lord give us courage and strength.

Feast of the Assumption:  Wed. 15th August (Holyday of obligation)
Mass Times:  Vigil Mass Tues. 6pm.  Wed. 10am, 12noon & 6pm

We offer sincere and prayerful sympathy to the Family of Billy Martin, O’Connell Cres.  Lord grant him eternal peace and joy, and to his family & friends strength and comfort.

St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society
Monthly Meeting Tues. 14th August at 8pm in the Parish Centre

The 56th Annual Devotions at Lee Road Shrine
will take place on Wednesday, 15th August  the Feast of the Assumption.
Mass will be celebrated at the Shrine at 7.30p.m. by Bishop John Buckley,
Fr. Christopher Fitzgerald will preach a special sermon at the Shrine.
The general public are asked to assemble near Our Lady’s Hospital Gate and walk in procession to the Shrine reciting the 14 Mysteries of the Rosary on the way. Succeeding groups will follow at short intervals.  When all have arrived at the Shrine, the fifteenth Mystery will be recited by the entire congregation.
For those unable to walk in procession, there will be accommodation available on the south bank of the Lee opposite the Shrine.

Parish  Pilgrimage to Lourdes:  11th – 16th June, 2008.
We hope to have a Parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes next June, The 150th Anniversary of the Apparitions. Preliminary Booking would be most helpful as very large  number of Pilgrims are anticipated. To assist the Hotel booking, it would be very helpful if  intending pilgrims would please give your name(s)  in the Sacristy.  Further details in later Bulletins.

St. Pio Ceremonies.
The annual Padre Pio Ordination Commemoration Ceremonies will be celebrated with Concelebrated Mass by Rev. Fr. Michael Fitzgerald, visiting and resident priests at 2.30.p.m. on this Sunday, 12th August, in the grounds of St. Francis College, Rochestown.
The ceremonies will include: Concelebrated Mass, Bedediction, Reciting of The Rosary, Blessing and Anointing of the Sick. Blessing with St.Pio Relics.

The Coping Programme
A gentle introduction to grief  – “The Beginning Experience”
It is a healing ministry for those who have lost a spouse through Death, Separation or Divorce.  A trained team who are themselves Widowed or Separated will facilitate this Support Group.
The next seven-week Programme is starting on Wed 10th Oct. at 7.30pm in Mardyke House, Cork.  Contact Kathleen at Family Ministry 021-4275136

“Run To Remember”
in the Women’s Mini Marathon 23rd September 2007
This year, to celebrate 25 years of caring,
why not join the A Team & raise funds for 
The Alzheimer Society of Ireland. Cork Services
For your free Tee-Shirt and Sponsorship Card, please call the Society  021-4972504   Bessboro Day Care Centre, Bessboro,  Blackrock.

We welcome into the Christian community Matthew Keith Barry  who was baptised recently

Catholic Papers:
On sale at the back of The Church.
The Universe, Irish Catholic, Catholic Times.
Please support Catholic Publications.

EWTN – Catholic Television & Radio.
EWTN Television is now available at Channel 815 for those who have Chorus.
EWTN Television is on SKY EPG 769 while AM/FM Radio is on SKY EPG 0147.

Feast of the Assumption
There is only one path to Heaven. On Earth, we call it Love.'
On Wednesday next (Aug 15 th ) we celebrate the feast of the Assumption of Mary into heaven. It is always a turning point in late summer, not just for those getting the Leaving Cert results across Ireland but also a reminder that the school holidays will soon be winding down as we head for September.
At the heart of this feast day is a sense of hope. Mary was taken up into heaven to show the other side of death. Death is always so final but as believers we believe in eternal life. It's the hinge on which we rest everything. The Assumption of Mary is a reminder that we are merely pilgrims as we journey through this world. What happened to Mary is God's plan for all of us too. Sometimes we need a boost and a reminder that there is a meaningful purpose to life. The Feast of the Assumption is certainly one of those days.

A Prayer for the weekend
Lord, just as a flower can radiate its precious beauty
and cast its fragrance everywhere.
So I ask you to cast the sweet fragrance of your presence over me.
Surround me with your love.
Fill me with your healing balm.
Enfold me with your peace.
Comfort me with your presence.
May your fragrance linger in the stillness of my soul.
May your healing love renew my very being. Amen

Fr.James McSweeney        www.2u.ie

Watch your step carefully! Everyone else does!