5th August 2007 – 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s readings challenge our value systems. They invite us to reflect on what we think is really important in our lives.
The Gospel of Saint Luke points out that so much of what we work for in this life cannot be taken with us. People who have pursued a life focused on money or success realise that these two realities can be cut out of their lives by a simply accident, some personal tragedy or betrayal by a close friend  these are the kind of things that throw us into rethinking our values.
How do I value the life of others? What values and realities of my life will stay with me through death?   At the gate of death, we know that love will go with us. We know that loving one another is one of the strongest teachings of Jesus. Living out that love will endure beyond death.
May we choose to live in such a way that our values reflect the message of Jesus. May our choices always be made in the presence of the Lord. May we find ways to deepen our faith and our love.

Cork Person of the Month
Our congratulations to our parishioners Larry O’Brien and Michael O’ Mahony  on being selected as Cork Persons of the Month for their work with The Sick Poor Society. They have 120 years of combined service to the Sick Poor of our area – well done Michael and Larry.

We offer sincere and prayerful sympathy to the Families of Dan Hickey, O’Connell Ave. and Eileen Mehigan, Rafeen, Lord grant them eternal peace and joy, and to their families & friends strength and comfort.

Ministers of the Eucharist
can collect their rotas for the coming weeks in the Sacristy after Mass

The 56th Annual Devotions at Lee Road Shrine  will take place on Wednesday, 15th August  the Feast of the Assumption.
Mass will be celebrated at the Shrine at 7.30p.m. by Bishop John Buckley,Rev. Christopher Fitzgerald will preach a special sermon at the Shrine.

“Are you Listening”?
Discover the truth at Mount Mellary Abbey Youth 2000 retreat, Fri. 7th- Sun. 9th September.  Weekend retreat full of fun, laughter, craic and prayer for young people aged 16-35 years. Donation only!  All welcome! Bring sleeping bag an an open heart. Information & booking log on to www.youth2000.ie  or contact Mike 087- 2677214, Theresa 086-6061479 .

World Culture of Peace Day
Mass for Peace, Holy Trinity Church, Thursday 9th Aug. 7.30pm