June 17th 2007 – 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Hand of Forgiveness
The Pharisee Simon could be any one of us questioning Jesus about the actions of the woman in toady's Gospel whom he considers to be a sinner. He cannot understand why Jesus would entertain  washing and anointing from her. The Pharisee imposes judgement on the woman and yet only a few short weeks ago we were listening to the forgiveness of Jesus to his own persecutors. How soon we forget?
Here Jesus lives out the message of forgiveness in it's fulness and the woman displays her gratitude for the forgiveness offered. She gives love in return for love, responding to Jesus in the same way he offered love to her.
How often do we forget to show gratitude to the one who forgives us?
There is great hope for all of us in todays Gospel because we are aware that there is one who can look within and see, and, even after seeing – embraces. Not only are we called to be more like him, but we are also called to be embraced by him
I believe that and it gives me and I hope all of you great hope.

St. Joseph's Young Priests Society
Pilgrimage to Knock Sat. 23rd June 2007
Leaving Christ King Girls N.S.at 7am  sharp. Contact Irene:  4963326.

We offer sincere and prayerful sympathy to the Families of Ann Kenneally, Heatherton Park and Tony Kelly, O'Connell Cres. Lord grant them eternal peace and joy, and to their families & friends strength and comfort.

Help wanted

Can you spare an hour on Friday evenings to help to clean our Church. We are very grateful to the few who take care of our Church every week. Many hands make the work lighter.  Please contact one of the Priests if you can help.

Parish Steering Group
Will meet in Fr. Kerry's house this Mon. 18th June at 8pm

Peter's Pence
The Popes collection will be taken up next weekend  23rd/24th June  at all Masses. The collection  is used by the Pope to support special charitable projects in developing countries as well as defraying expenses of the work of the Church.

Please Note
During the Summer months the Sunday Bulletin will be shortened to just one page, and the number of notices will be curtailed.