June 10th 2007 – Feast of Corpus Christi

Our favourite things
Funny how little things create a living memory. The scent of baking or of our favourite food, a favourite song, even an uttered phrase can charm back the past and leave us wistful. That new shoe smell can remind us of a new school year. So, what could be more familiar than people receiving Communion in a Church. But, like a lot of the everyday tasks we perform almost unconsciously. What are we really at, filing up to receive on the hand or in the mouth and responding 'Amen' to the Minister's 'Body of Christ.' Is it just a nice custom, a casual act or something far deeper? Strange how in this diet conscious age, when many restrict their bread intake, we don't reflect more about the 'bread of angels.'
Most receive in a fairly unreflective manner. We've come a long way from the Easter Duty, when people had to be almost 'ordered' to receive at least once a year, or when the 1 hour fast required loomed large in people's awareness. Maybe in that 'long way' we've lost our way. Is the truth in the middle, between realising our personal unworthiness and the mercy of our Saviour who comes to feed us. Pope Paul VI used to pray this before every Mass; 'Lord, grant me the grace to celebrate this Mass as if it were my first Mass, my only Mass, and my last Mass.'

The Eucharistic Procession
takes place on this Sunday June 10th. The feast of Corpus Christi celebrates the presence of Christ in the Eucharist. The Blessed Sacrament will be borne in procession through the streets of our City. The main part of the procession leaves form the Cathedral and proceeds to Daunt Square where Bishop Buckley will preach a homily and preside at Benediction.
Our Parish group will assemble outside the Church here in Turners Cross, ready to move off at 3.00 pm. We encourage families to be part of this great public demonstration of our Faith – Christ present in the Eucharist.

The Parish Steering Group
will meet in Fr. Kerry's house on this Monday 11th June. at 8pm

"Do this in Memory"
The final Mass in the 'Do this in Memory' programme takes place this Sunday The Feast of Corpus Christi at the 10.30am Mass. There will be a short procession with the Blessed Sacrament in the Grounds of the Church with the First Holy Communion Children after the Mass. Fr. Kerry and Fr. Charlie wish to thank the parents, teachers, and especially the parents class representatives for their help and cooperation during the year. All agree that there has been a truly great response to the programme.  All going well we will begin the programme this coming September for the 2008 First Holy Communion classes

We offer sincere and prayerful sympathy to the Family of Ann Kenneally, Heatherton Park.  Lord grant her eternal peace and joy, and to her family & friends strength and comfort.

Important Dates 2007
10th Jun?    Eucharistic Procession
7th- 21st Oct.:     Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
3rd/4th Nov.     Remembrance Weekend
10th – 14th Nov.:     Parish Mini Mission

Please Note
During the Summer months the Sunday Bulletin will be shortened to just one page, and the number of notices will be curtailed.

Wed. 13th June: Feast of  St. Anthony. Lilies will be blessed after the 10am Mass.
Fri. 15th June: Feast of The Sacred Heart.
Sat. 16th June: Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Novena to the Sacred Heart
Continues until 15th June – The Feast of the Sacred Heart. Leaflets with the Novena Prayers for each day are available at the back of the Church (pink sheet). We encourage families to make the Novena. It will take only about 3 minutes each day. The novena prayers are said at the 10am Mass each day.

Prayer for those doing Exams
Lord pour out Your spirit of Wisdom on those students doing exams.? Help them to remain calm, to attend carefully to the questions asked, to think clearly, to remember accurately and to express themselves well.
Grant? that they may reflect the best of the work they have done and the best of teaching they have received.
Accept their best efforts in these examinations and in the great test of life on Earth.
May your love be upon them, O Lord, as they place their trust in you?? Amen.

Presentation Brothers
The Brothers made history last weekend with the setting up of their Congregation's first ever mission on mainland Europe. The Presentation Brothers, Ireland's oldest order of Brothers, are starting an educational project in Slovakia. Three Brothers, Brother Sean Bonner, Brother Vincent Costin and Brother Michael McKeown have set up a Mission in?the town of Spisske Podhradie in eastern Slovakia, where they will work with the Roma community there. The challenges they face; a new language to learn, a different culture to engage with and a different climate- in the winter the temperature drops to -20?C and in the summer it can reach 40 deg C.
Blessed Edmund Rice, the founder of the Presentation Brothers addressed the poverty of his day with Christian education. What he did in Waterford 200 years ago, The Brothers will be hoping to achieve in Slovakia in 2007. Our prayers and good wishes go with Brothers Sean, Vincent and Michael for the success of their mission.

to Scoil Chriost Ri N.S. on winning the final of Sciath na Scoil, beating Scoil Oilibheir. 

St. Joseph's Young Priests Society
The monthly meeting will take place on Tues. June 12th at 8 pm in the Parish Centre