June 3rd 2007 – Trinity Sunday

The Holy Trinity
It is difficult to explain the Holy Trinity. Probably the simplest explanation and most helpful is that of the image of water. It can take on three forms: ice, water as liquid and steam. All three are quite different and yet all are essentially? the same. It is much the same with the Holy Trinity. God is revealed through three distinct persons, yet all are one. Understanding the Trinity fully is beyond us because no one can fully understand God. This though should not stop us experiencing God our lives. Paul in the second reading today reminds us that we experience God in the ups and downs of life. Paul wishes God?s many blessings on us and especially God?s peace. The core of the reading is to remind us how God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is central in each of our lives.
At the start and end of every Mass or prayer service we use the sign of the cross. We take it for granted and do it automatically. But every time we make the sign of the cross we are recognising and being open to God?s many blessings in our lives. While we may not fully understand what the Trinity is all about we welcome and are open to God?s blessings in our lives.

Corpus Christi Procession
The annual Corpus Christi Procession takes place on the afternoon of Sunday next 10th May. Our parish group will assemble at the Church and move off at 3pm. Try to make it a family event.  Bishop John Magee of Cloyne will preach the Homily.

Novena to the Sacred Heart
begins on Thursday next 7th June until 15th June – The Feast of the Sacred Heart. Leaflets with the Novena Prayers for each day are available at the back of the Church (pink sheet). We encourage families to make the Novena. It will take only about 3 minutes each day. We all have our own intentions ? the sick, exams, the safe return of little Madeleine, etc. We will pray the novena prayers at Mass each day.

Ireland's New Saint – St. Charles of Mount Argus

Charles the fourth of eleven children was born 11th Dec 1821 to Peter  and Elizabeth Houban in Limburg in Holland. Made his first Communion at age 13. Studied at Sittard; he was a slow learner, but a very dedicated student. Enlisted in the army in 1840 served five years. Later he worked briefly in his uncle's mill. He joined the Passionists at Ere, Belgium in 1845, taking the name Charles of Saint Andrew. Ordained  December 1850. Assigned to England in 1852. Transferred to Mount Argus in Dublin in 1857. This new saint was not a scholar or theologian; he was not a good preacher; but he knew how to communicate beyond words. His way of living spoke of the compassionate love of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Day and night he was at the service of others. Hundreds came to Mount Argus every day seeking physical or spiritual healing and asking his blessing. Except for a brief trip to England in 1866, he spent  remaining 36 years of his life in Dublin.  He made trips to Cork collecting money for the building of Mount Argus. As a result of an infected leg wound received in a carriage accident he died at Mount Argus on the 5th January 1893. The whole city, including non-Catholics, recognised his holiness and mourned his passing. He is buried at Mount Argus, Dublin. He was Beatified in 1988 by Pope John Paul II and will be Canonised by Pope Benedict XVI today. Our President Mary McAleese and Archbishop Martin of Dublin are in Rome for the Canonisation.

Those beginning their exams during the week are in our thoughts and prayers. We wish them well. They will be remembered in a special way in our Shared Masses on Fridays.  Special cards are available in the Parish Office today and in the Sacristy after the 10am Mass during the week.
Prayer for those doing Exams
Lord pour out Your spirit of Wisdom on those students doing exams.
Help them to remain calm, to attend carefully to the questions asked, to think clearly, to remember accurately and to express themselves well.
Grant, that they may reflect the best of the work they have done and the best of teaching they have received.
Accept their best efforts in these examinations and in the great test of life on Earth.
May your love be upon them, O Lord, as they place their trust in you

Little Madeleine

The abduction of four year old Madeleine McCann has touched the hearts of  millions all over the world. It is a parent's worst possible nightmare. Madeleine's parents Gerry and Kate. have shown remarkable courage and bravery in highlighting Madeleine's story. The more exposure her story gets, the better chance Madeline will be found. On Wednesday the parents meet Pope Benedict in the Vatican. He prayed for Madeleine's safe return. Today we join them with our own prayer for Madeleine.
"Lord, we pray today for Madeleine.
We hope and pray that she is alive and well.
Lord we can't even begin to understand the turmoil that her parents and family are going through right now.
Please bring your gentle healing and strength into their lives.
We want to cling to every glimmer of hope that Madeleine will be found and brought safely home.  Amen"

We welcome into the Christian Community: Reece James Heffernan who was baptised recently.

Our congratulations and good wishes to Diarmuid McCarthy and Careen Wolfe and to Pat Kavanagh  and Monica Terry who were married recently. We wish them many years of health and happiness.

We offer sincere and prayerful sympathy to the Family of Sam Tanner, Doyle Rd.
Lord grant him eternal peace and joy, and to his family & friends strength and comfort.

Important Dates 2007
10th June: Eucharistic Procession
7th- 21st Oct.: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land
3rd/4th Nov. Remembrance Weekend
10th – 14th Nov.: Parish Mini Mission

"Do this in Memory"
The final Mass in the "Do this in Memory" programme will take place next Sunday 10th June The Feast of Corpus Christi at the 10.30am Mass. There will be a short procession with the Blessed Sacrament in the Grounds of the Church with the First Holy Communion Children (in their First Holy Communion clothes) after the Mass.

A Thought
Roy Keane takes Sunday as a day of prayer and rest. Recently a Reporter asked  "Will you be at the Derby match on Sunday?"
Roy Keane: "No.  Sunday is a day for Mass and relaxing with the Family"