May 6th 2007 – 5th Sunday of Easter

The Gospel
John 13:31-35 • Love one another
In today’s Gospel Jesus is preparing his disciples for the time (which is coming soon) when he will no longer be with them in person. He gives them a new commandment: …to love one another. In loving one another, he tells them, everyone will know they are his disciples.
Do you love Jesus? Do you love others? How about those who hurt you?
How do people know you are a follower of Jesus?
In today’s first reading, Acts 14:21-27, we meet two of Jesus’ disciples who ‘… put fresh heart into the disciples…’. Can you remember how they encouraged people? Can you see a connection between this reading and today’s Psalm 144?

Another Angle – Getting it right
A sense of urgency in many lives today, with many minds sitting in church racing ahead to what tasks are for accomplishing over the weekend. We flit and fly around the place, but rarely stop and wonder.
In a real sense this 21st Century sense of hurriedness is mirrored in the readings echoing over 21 centuries of human experience. Paul and Barnabas cover impressive amounts of territory [First Reading]. If they had our modern modes of transport available to them, we can only wonder how much more might they have achieved. Jesus picks up on this with words like ‘now’ ‘very soon.’ Why – because he won’t physically ‘be with you much longer.’
Which should make us stop in our tracks with our production line planning of the day. Suppose this was my last day – are my current preoccupations really that worthy? Probably not. We’re told that the mutual love of all Christians is the greatest sign of the presence of the Risen One. What inheritance are we leaving behind to those who follow us? One hymn puts it, ‘They Will Know We Are Christians by Our Love.’ In our case, we can only wonder – would they really?  Fr Tom Cox 

Election 2007
Faith is an important part of who we are and shapes our opinions and values on a broad range of issues. With this in mind people who are serious about their faith, will be wondering how they can, or should, bring their faith to bear on their voting intentions.
Catholic voters will obviously be interested in bread and butter issues, but will also wonder how the next Government will tackle other issues, such as family and marriage, abortion and embryo research, religious freedom, faith based schools, social justice and so on.
All of these questions and others are of vital importance to Catholics and should be asked on the doorsteps in the coming days. Based on the answers they receive, Catholics can make the decision on how to cast their vote with an informed conscience.

The Carers
Lord, bless all carers – they let people know that they are loved.
Bless those who listen – they lighten many a burden.
Bless those who, when nothing can
be done or said, remain to provide acomforting presence –
they help the sufferer to bear the unbearable.
And bless those who give without hope of return –
they give us an experience of your love.

We offer sincere and prayerful sympathy to the Families of Denis Murphy, Greenlawn  Kathleen Brady, St Ann’s Park,  Margaret Murray, Greenhill’s Estate and Ivor Keily, Evergreen Road – Lord grant them eternal peace and joy, and to their families & friends strength and comfort.

We welcome into the Christian Community: David Anthony Feeney & Molly Catherine O’Donoghue.  Congratulations to the Parents and Godparents.  May they be the best of teachers in the ways of faith and may the flame of faith be alive in these Children’s hearts.

First Holy Communion.
On Saturday next 6th May the Boys from Scoil Chríost Rí will receive their First Holy Communion at 10.30 am. There will be no Mass at 10am.  We wish the Boys, their Families and Teachers a lovely day.

Masses for Exams
Shared Masses will be offered each Friday Morning at the 10am Mass for students sitting exams at this time.  Special Exam Mass Cards are now available from the Sacristy.

Ministers of the Word & Eucharist
Rotas are now available for all Ministers of the Word from the sacristy.  Meeting of Ministers of the Eucharist in the Church this Tuesday at 7pm.

St Joseph’s Young Priests Society
The monthly meeting will take place on Tuesday 15th May in the Parish Centre – Turners Cross
Note change of date.

Summer Scheme 2007.
South Parish/ Turner’s Cross Summer Scheme
Date: Registration Night –Thursday May 10th
Venue: Community Centre, Sawmill St
Time: 8-9pm.

Nyle P. Wolfe – Cork Baritone
Nyle P. Wolfe, will be appearing in the Briery Gap, Macroom on Sunday May 20th at 8pm with his hit show MOODSWINGS featuring swing, jazz and opera classics.  Special guest performers that night are Corr Ban Chuilada.  Tickets €20

Tory Top Library – Ballyphehane
Cúpla Focal Club.
Meeting: Friday 11th May at 11am, New Members welcome
Beidh Cupán tae le fail fresin
The Irish Circle meets on the second Friday of every month at 11am.  Further details from 021-4924934.

The Alzheimer Society of Ireland
Cork City Branch
Carer’s Support Meeting
Wednesday 9th May (3pm to 4.30pm)
Bessboro Day Care Centre – Blackrock
Details: 021-4972504.

Congratulations to Tramore Athletic Senior Team on winning the Donnie Forde Cup and the Under 17 Team on winning the Ted Healy Cup.

A Thought
I give you a new commandment,
love one another just as I have loved you.
You must also love one another.
  ~John 13:33-34
Teilard de Chardin once said "Some day, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the great energies of love and then for the second time in the history of the world, we will have discovered fire".  Love is indeed a powerful force but we can also miss out on all that love has to offer because we are simply too busy.  Love is too precious to ignore especially God's love.
It is the greatest thing that God can give us and it is also the greatest thing that we can give God.  Perhaps Mother Teresa sums it up best. An American journalist was watching Mother Teresa as she cared for a man with gangrene.  He said "I wouldn't do that for a million dollars."  She replied, " Even I wouldn't do it for that amount! However I do it out of love for God." Fr. James McSweeney