April 29th 2007 – 4th Sunday of Easter

Vocations Sunday 2007
Last week, we celebrated the Christian Vocation of every baptised person – God’s call to every one of us to live the Gospel of Jesus in our daily life. Today we focus on vocations to the priesthood or the religious life. The priests and religious of tomorrow are with us today – in our homes, schools, parishes and work places. Please remember to pray today, and during the coming year, that many of today’s young people will find fullness of life as the priests and religious of ‘tomorrow’.
Some thoughts to ponder
Do you know someone who would benefit from your encouragement to consider God’s invitation to love and serve others as a brother, priest, sister? In what ways do you, your family, our parish community support and encourage young women and men to consider a call to Religious Life or Ordained Ministry?
Did you know?
Research has shown that the number one reason young people say they have not considered a vocation to priesthood or religious life is that no one has ever invited them to consider it!
Do you know a young person who has what it takes to serve the Church as a priest or religious? Look at the checklist below and think about someone you might know who has the gifts to serve the Church as an ordained or professed minister.
Some ‘indicators’ of a potential candidate for ordained ministry or religious life:
1. In good health, and attentive to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
2. Orientation toward people – a sensitivity to others.
3. A spiritual person who lives with integrity.
4. Intellectually curious and willing to learn.
5. Able to serve others selflessly.
6. Leadership skills.
7. Searching for meaning in life.
8.Idealism: willing to commit him/herself to a really
good cause.

Parish Vocation Prayer
Shepherd God,
You have given me all that I have and all that I am. You fill me with your gift of life, and you invite me to respond to your love. Help me always to say YES to your call to love, to serve, to hope: to be a “shepherd”! Help me to share generously the gifts you have given me with those in need. Help those you are calling to be shepherds as priests, brothers or sisters to say YES to you. We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Amen.

We offer sincere and prayerful sympathy to the Families of Kathleen Brady, St. Ann’s Park and Madge Hull, Derrynane Road. Lord, grant them eternal peace and joy, and to their families and friends strength and comfort.

We welcome into the Christian Community Grace Ha Yeon Dineen. Congratulations to the Parents and Godparents. May they be the best of teachers in the ways of faith and may the flame of faith be alive in this child’s heart.

Meeting for Ministers of Word & Eucharist
All the Ministers of the Word & Eucharist  (old and new) in the hall of the Boys Primary School,  Evergreen Rd. on this Wed  2nd May at 7.30pm. Fr. Sean O’Sullivan who is in charge of Adult Religious Education in the Diocese will be with us.

Douglas Rotary
Have asked us to announce – They are looking for a worthy recipient of their Good Neighbour Award
If you know of someone suitable, please send their details to Rose Property Services, Douglas Rd. or Fabric of Society, 12 Sheares St. before Fri. 4th May.

Catechesis – Know your Faith
Each Tuesday for the next 4 Tuesdays 7.30 – 9.30 pm 
St Dominic's Retreat Centre Ennismore.
Lecture & Discussion   "The Sacraments of the Church"
Fr. Archie Byrne OP.  Donation €5 each evening.

Fashion Fayre for Little Angels
This was a heading on a local newspaper recently. The article read: “Exhibitions and Special Offers from leading hotels, restaurants, outside caterers, stretch limo companies, photographers and footwear specialists — everything under one roof to help busy Mums and Dads plan their children's Holy Communion Day”. It went on to say that a Dublin Model Agency will provide specially groomed 8-year olds to model the latest fashions for the event – “everything from tights to tiaras”.
What next, one asks. Here is a lovely spiritual and family occasion being hijacked by greedy commercial interests.
When the "Do This in Memory" programme was introduced in our Parish last September, it was designed to supplement the work done in school by welcoming parental involvement in the spiritual preparation of the children. The response of parents has been very enthusiastic and encouraging. No doubt, parents will not be taken in by exploitation of the kind promoted in the “Fashion Fayre for Little Angels”!

A Thought
Jesus said "The sheep that belong to me listen to my voice.
I know them and they follow me."

~John 10:27-28

The image of a shepherd in our scriptures is a popualar one. Perhaps today with mobile phones, modern technology and computers we find it more difficult to relate to the image of a shepherd and sheep.
But in the time of Jesus everyone was so familiar with a shepherd.
A shepherd was an important member of every community.  Sheep were always vulnerable from an attack by wolves.  Sheep could easily stray and get lost.  A good shepherd watched their flock carefully, knew each one individually, could call out their name and they would respond.  So when Jesus compared himself to a shepherd it was indeed a beautiful image.  Like a sheep we too can stray, get lost and fall by the wayside at times.  We too are vulnerable but God is always watching and caring for each of us.  When we stumble and fall we are gently lifted up and brought to safety.  We may forget God in our lives at times but God never forgets us.  Today we thank Jesus, our Good Shepherd, for minding and protecting us every single day in all we do. Fr. James McSweeney
Fr. James has a beautiful image and thought for each day.  A great way to start the day, go to –  www.todayismygifttoyou.com/