April 1st 2007 – Palm Sunday

God, I am sorry
Last month the children from our local schools sang, 'I am sorry, God for not loving you' as they celebrated their First Confession.
They have been formed with the idea that we are all connected and are bound together as family, that everything we say and do has implications for other people, that our actions or lack of them impinges on the lives of other people. For us adults maybe we could learn from them.
Gone are the days that most adults recall of the dark and foreboding box. These children made their first confession in a warm, open and comfortable way, while of course still being a little nervous.
As adults there is a lesson for us. A lesson in trust and simplicity. This weekend we are invited to follow where they have led. To come together as a parish, to reflect on how we live our lives as Christians and to 'say sorry' when we haven't always lived up to the mark. To be welcomed back into the fold, like the lost sheep, and to be embraced in love and acceptance by God himself.

Come to the Cathedral
You are invited to come to the North Cathedral on Holy Thursday morning at 10. The Holy Oils will be blessed by Bishop Buckley and our priests will renew their commitment for another year. They appreciate your attendance, it’s a way of showing your support.

The Lenten family fast boxes can be handed in at the Mass of the Last Supper on Thurs. 5th April.

We offer sincere and prayerful sympathy to the Family of Maura O’ Callaghan, St Ann’s Park Lord grant her eternal peace and joy, and to her family & friends strength and comfort.

Easter Triduum
A Triduum of Masses begins on Easter Sunday. Triduum Cards are available in the Parish Office during the week.

Pope John Paul II
To give thanks for the life of Pope John Paul II and to mark the 2nd Anniversary of his death there will be Mass on this Mon. 2nd April, 10am.

Easter Raffle
In aid of the Church Grounds Fund  –  Monster Easter Egg and Easter Cake one line €2 or 3 lines €5. Draw takes place after 10am Mass on Wed 4th April

Visitation to the Sick                 
Fr Kerry & Fr Charlie will visit the sick and the housebound on this Monday April 2nd.
Mass times for Lent: 10am and 6pm will conclude on this Wednesday.

A Thought
This week marks the beginning of Holy Week.  For Christians all over the world it is one of the most sacred weeks of the year.
Psalm Sunday began with joy and celebration and how it all changed during that week. Jesus could so easily have avoided all that lay before him. He could easily have gone a different route but he faced it all.
He did so to show solidarity with the many people who suffer and that he was not untouched by other's people pain and suffering.
The invitation is to journey with Jesus during this Holy Week, just as the Lord journeys with each of us.  This is so true with all our struggles and disappointments. It's not a journey on our own but always a journey with the Lord, who knows our story through and through.
Congratulations to Fr Kerry.
At the end of the Confirmation Ceremony on last Wednesday, Bishop Buckley made a surprise announcement when he announced he was appointing Fr Kerry a Canon of the Cathedral Chapter of the Diocese of Cork.  The honour was bestowed in recognition for his work in the dioceses and in particular for his involvement in the restoration of Christ the King Church here in Turners Cross, congratulations to Fr Kerry and a great honour for all of us here in Turner’s Cross.

Former Parishioner Launches CD
Nyle Wolfe the well known opera baritone has launched a CD “Moodswings”  The CD is available in the Parish Office €15 part of the proceeds goes to The Church Grounds Fund. We are grateful to Nyle for this kind gesture and wish him well on his Irish Tour.