March 11th 2007 – 3rd Sunday of Lent

A second chance
A rather famous painting shows a young man playing chess with the devil. They are playing for possession of the young man's soul. The painting portrays the devil as just having made a brilliant move. 
Chess players who study the arrangement of the chess pieces in the painting feel immediate sympathy for the young man.  For he has been put in a hopeless situation.  He has been led down a blind alley with no exit. A former world class player, became intrigued by the painting.  One day while studying the arrangement of the chess pieces, he saw something that no one else did.  Excitedly, he cried out to the young man in the painting. "Don't give up. You still have an excellent move left. There's still hope!."
In our gospels Jesus uses a story about a fig tree about to be cut down because it is not bearing fruit. Like the young man in the painting, the fig tree seems hopelessly lost. Then suddenly, a ray of hope breaks through. It gets a last minute reprieve.  It gets a last minute chance and is not to be cut down.  The story of the young man in the painting and the story of the fig tree contain an import message. Because of Jesus, we are never doomed, no matter how bad things seem. Because of Jesus, there is still hope for us, no matter what situation we find ourselves in. Because of Jesus there is always one more move left to make, no matter how late in the game it is.

Mass times for Lent:   10am and 6pm each weekday

A Lenten Invitation
Lent is an opportunity to grow in knowledge and love of Jesus. A simple way to do this is to prayerfully read the Gospel in faith. Each Monday in Lent, at 10.30am, this Mon. 12th March a group of people will be doing just that with the Gospel of the following Sunday. This is often called Lectio Divina. Don’t let the name put you off. Just join us for one hour in the Parish Centre in Turners Cross. You will be very welcome.

Family Fast Boxes
Trócaire Family Fast Boxes are available from the table at the back of the Church.
All contributions great and small are equally welcome.
€2 a day will provide a year's supplementary feeding for two children in Malawi.
€2 a day will provide literacy training for 60 girls affected by the Burmese conflict.
€2 a day will provide a Rwandan widow with 20 kilos of soya bean seeds

Spring Dues
We would appreciate if the Area Collectors would collect the envelopes for the Spring Dues in the Sacristy next weekend 17th/18th March. Thank you.

St Joseph’s Young Priests Society
Monthly Meeting will take place this Tuesday 13th March after the 10am Mass in the Parish Centre.

Collection this weekend
Special Collection for the Irish Episcopal Conference will be held this weekend March 10/11th at all Masses in the Diocese.
The collection funds the work with Irish citizens imprisoned overseas, the Catholic Communications Office in Maynooth, the education office, the catechetics office, the chaplaincy service for Irish emigrants abroad, as well as the secretariat of the Bishop's Conference.
The collection is taken up after Holy Communion.

Ministers of the Word & Eucharist
We would like to increase the number of ministers of the Word and Eucharist. –  If you would like to share in these ministries please contact one of the priests. Perhaps you might like to nominate someone.

Next Saturday is St Patrick’s Day – 17th March
Mass Times: Vigil: Friday 16th March at 6pm
Saturday Morning: 17th March  9am, 10.30am and 12 noon

Feast day of our National Patron Saint
St Patrick was born in the early years of the 5th Century in Britain.  He was taken captive at the age of 16 and brought to Ireland where he worked as a slave.  His captivity had a very positive effect on his spiritual life.  He escaped back home at the age of 22.  It was  obvious to him that God was calling him to return to convert the Irish.  He studied probably in France, and returned to Ireland circa 457-462 and many converted  to Christianity. He died in 491.
Readings: Jeremiah1:4-9, Psalm: 116, Acts 13: 46-49, Luke 10:1-12, 17-20

Knights of Columbanus Faith Development Talks
Thurs. 15th March Emmaus-Christian Experience then and now: Fr. John Newman. Talks will take place at 8pm in Bru Columbanus, Cardinal Way, Wilton (to the right of the African Missions Church.) Admission free.

We offer sincere and prayerful sympathy to the Families and Community of Josephine (Jo) Cronin, Greenhills Court. & Br Justin Kelly, Presentation Brothers Maiville. Lord grant them eternal peace and joy, and to their families and friends strength and  comfort.

We welcome to our Christian Family Caoimhe Jane Buckley, Aisling Chloe Connolly & Billy Brendan Higgins. Congratulations to the Parents and Godparents. May they be the best of teachers in the ways of faith and may the flame of faith always be alive in these children's hearts.

Mothers Day
Sunday 18th March. – The 12 noon Mass on that day will be for our Mothers living or dead. If you would like your mother to be remembered, special cards are available at the Parish Office after Masses this weekend and during the week.

South Parish & Surrounding Areas
Summer Scheme AGM Monday 12/03/07 at 8.15pm
South Parish Community Centre  – Sawmill St.

Support Group for bereaved Parents & families whose baby has died.
Service of Remembrance St Joseph’s S.M.A. Wilton

Over the last number of weeks we have offered brief explorations of the Different parts of the Mass. We bring that exploration to a close for now with a look at the Concluding Rites.
After the communion rite, the Mass closes with a brief concluding rite. Its purpose is to send us forth to put into effect in our daily lives the Paschal Mystery and unity in Christ, which we have celebrated. The announcements that sometimes take place here are a reminder to us of the life beyond this celebration. They call our attention to beyond this space and help us in the transition from worship into renewed Christian witness in society. The blessing we receive before we leave reminds us that, although we are called to Christian action, we don’t do this alone. God will be and is our strength.  Every celebration of the Mass demands an exodus. We must leave and live what we have prayed and celebrated. What we have celebrated is not some cosy oasis in life but a very real centre of nourishment and mission in our life as a Christian community. Each of us is charged with making the Church alive in own place and circumstances. Each of us has something to contribute, which no one else can substitute. And we come back next week to receive once again from the banquet of the table and to connect once more with the mission to which each of us has been called.

If you are not bringing this Newsletter home with you can you please return it to the back of the Church. Many thanks..