March 4th 2007 – 2nd Sunday of Lent

The Transfiguration
‘Jesus took with him Peter, John and James and went up the mountain to pray. As he prayed, the aspect of his face changed and his clothing became brilliant as lightning.'  ~Luke
This piece from Lukes gospel is often called 'the transfiguration'.  Right throughout the Gospel stories Jesus himself transfigured people, the broken, the wounded and those lost by the wayside.  He touched in on the deepest parts of people and transfigured them by the power of God's love. How can this story apply to us?  If we understand the story as all about some form of change then we are presented with opportunities each day for us to changed and touched by the power of God's love. God's love can penetrate the deepest of darkness. 
No story is hopeless or lost especially ours.  The invitation today is to be open to the power of God's love in our lives.  Fr. James McSweeney

A Lenten Invitation
Lent is an opportunity to grow in knowledge and love of Jesus. A simple way to do this is to prayerfully read the Gospel in faith.
Each Monday in Lent, at 10.30am, this Mon. 5th March – a group of people will be doing just that with the Gospel for the following Sunday. – This is often called Lectio Divina. Don't let the name put you off. Just join us, for one hour in the Parish Centre in Turners Cross. You will be very welcome.

Mass times for Lent: – 10am and 6pm each weekday

Do this in Memory
The meeting with parents representatives who organise the Do this in Memory Programme will take place in Fr Kerry's House on this Monday at 8pm. – The next Do this in Memory Mass is next Sunday March 11th at 10.30am

The Parish Steering Group
Will meet in Fr Kerry's house at 8.30pm on this Wednesday night March 7th

First Confessions
The Boys & Girls at the Parish Schools will make their First Confessions this coming week in Christ the King Church at 7.30pm
Boys: Wed. 7th March.
Girls: Tues. 8th March.

Ministers of the Word & Eucharist.
Rotas are now available from the sacristy for the upcoming weeks.
In the coming weeks we would like to increase the number of ministers of the Word and Eucharist.-  If you would like to share in this ministry please contact one of the priests.

Mothers Day
Is on Sunday 18th March. – The 12 noon Mass on that day will be for our Mothers living or dead. If you would like your mother to be remembered special cards are available at the Parish Office.

Cork Marriage Counselling Centre
Services for individuals, couples and families. For Marriage & Individual Counselling: Phone 021-4275678
For Pre-Marriage Courses: Phone 021-4272277

Cork South Parish Historical Society
Present: Patrick Walsh on Cork's Railways & the South Parish.
This Wednesday at 8pm in the South Parish Community Centre.

We welcome to our Christian Family Charlie Joe Kavanagh,  Ryan Joseph Coughlan & James Richard Nolan. –  Congratulations to the Parents and Godparents. May they be the best of teachers in the ways of faith and may the flame of faith always be alive in these children's hearts.

We offer sincere and prayerful sympathy to the families and Community of
Br. Justin Kelly Maiville Michael Murphy, St. Anne's  Park,  Maura O'Mahony, St. Joseph's, Derrynane Rd. and Josephine (Jo) Cronin Greenhills Court. – Lord grant them eternal peace and joy, and to their families and friends strength and comfort.

Munster Colleges S.H. Final
Colaiste Chriost Ri v Spiorad Naomh
In Fermoy at 2.30pm this Sunday 4th March 2007.

Knights of Colunbanus Faith Development Talks
Thurs. 8th March – Jesus and the Stranger: Fr. Sean O'Sullivan
Thurs. 15th March Emmaus-Christian Experience then and now: Fr. John Newman
Talks will take place at 8pm in Bru Columbanus, Cardinal Way, Wilton
(to the right of the African Missions Church.) Admission free.

We continue our look at the celebration of Mass with a brief exploration of the Communion Rites.
The liturgy of the Eucharist concludes with the Communion Rite. Within this rite we find the actions of the Lord's Prayer, sign of peace and breaking of bread, all of which lead us to and prepare us for the action of sharing in communion. In this rite we touch themes of forgiveness, reconciliation, peace, unity and welcome. All these reveal just some of the fruits of our celebration of the Eucharist. Week in and week out we are invited to receive from the table of this banquet in the context of a world facing new challenges for peace and reconciliation, for forgiveness and unity. The need for and the nourishment of this feast are never exhausted. St. Augustine has given us a wonderful reminder of the gift of the Eucharist. He calls upon us to become what we receive. Not only to receive the Body of Christ but to be the Body of Christ in the world! In the silence after communion we give ourselves a treasured time of stillness and contemplation – savouring what we have celebrated and preparing to take it with us out into the experiences that await us in the week to come.
Our prayer after communion prays that what we have celebrated will indeed bear fruit in our lives – a tangible reminder that liturgy is not separate to the rest of our lives but is a source of nourishment and direction for the everyday business of living.

Family Fast Boxes
Trocaire Family Fast Boxes are available at the back of the Church.

Time Out: The Presentation Brothers are inviting men who are trying to figure out God's plan in their lives to a weekend of reflection and information in Cork: 8pm Fri. 9th March – 2pm Sun.11th March. Full details from Brother Andrew Hickey at 01-2300824 or or from the Presentation Brothers, Glasthule, Co. Dublin.