February 11th 2007 – 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes: World Day of Prayer for the Sick

Trust in God
At the heart of today's readings is the theme of trust in God. The First Reading contrasts the fate of those who trust in human beings with the fate of those who trust in God. Those who trust in human beings are like a barren desert shrub; whereas those who trust in God are like a fruitful tree planted beside a flowing river.
To trust in God is to rely on God as to the one source of life. Those who trust in God are the poor, whom Jesus declares blessed in the Beatitudes (Gospel).
When Jesus says, 'Blessed are the poor,' he is not giving a blessing to starvation and misery. Starvation and misery are evil. What is being blessed is reliance on God. Those who put their trust in human things will be disappointed, those who put their trust in God will not. Only God can fill our emptiness, only God can satisfy the hunger of our hearts
'When praying for healing, ask great things of God and expect great things from God.  But let us seek for that healing that really matters, the healing of the heart, enabling us to trust God simply and face God honestly'    ~Arlo Newell

A Thought
Today the 11th of Feb is the feast of Our Lady Of Lourdes .
It is world day of prayer for those who are sick.  Today we think of so many people who are sick and not well, particularly those in hospital at the moment.  The courage, bravery and mind set of so many of these people is inspirational.  Today we think and pray for each of them and all those who care and look after our sick.  We also ask God's healing in our lives too.  There are areas where we all need healing.  Today is a good day to pray for such healing.
Lord, gently lay your hands on me today.
Gently bring your blessings onto me and especially your healing.
I also would like to pray and include ……………

(Mention their names here in your own quiet prayer)
Fr. James McSweeney

Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes Collection
The special collection taken up at all masses this weekend in aid of the Annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes.
This collection subsidises individuals whose health and/or means would otherwise prevent them from travelling to Lourdes. It also subsidises the travel of essential care personnel.
Please give generously to this worthy cause.

'Do this in Memory'
The meeting with parents representatives who organise the 'Do this in Memory' Programme  will take place  in Fr. Charlie's house on this Monday 12th Feb. at 7.30pm  The next 'Do this in Memory' Mass is next Sunday 18th Feb., at 10.30am

World Day of Prayer for the Sick
Today 11th February, Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.
The 10.30am Mass on the day will be offered for the Sick and Housebound and their Carers.

The Parish Steering Group
Will meet on this Monday 12th Feb. at 8pm in Fr. Kerry's house.

Dates for your Diary
18th Fed. "Do this in Memory" Mass at 10.30am
21st Feb.    Ash Wednesday
7th March   Boys First Confessions
8th March    Girls First Confessions
11th March  "Do this in Memory" Mass at 10.30am
18th March    Mothers Day
28th March   Parish Confirmations
April 8th    Easter Sunday
May 12th    First Holy Communion Boys
May 19th    First Holy Communion Girls

St Joseph's Young Priests Society
Because of work in the Church Grounds the monthly meeting has been postponed until Tues. 20th Feb. after the 10am Mass in the Parish Centre.

Lord, bless all carers – they let people know that they are loved.
Bless those who listen – they lighten many a burden.
Bless those who, when nothing can be done or said,
remain to provide a comforting presence –
they help the sufferer to bear the unbearable.
And bless those who give without hope of return –
they give us an experience of your love.
Lord, I appreciate the gift of good health.
Keep me focused on what is essential in life.
Continue your healing within me,
healing in mind and body,
so that I use my gifts in service of others.
Lord, I place myself in your loving care.
Send me consolation in my sorrow,
courage in my fear and healing in my illness.
May I accept whatever lies ahead.

Beatitudes of the Heart
Blessed are the clean of heart; they will see God.
Blessed are the humble of heart; they will find rest for their souls.
Blessed are the warm-hearted; they will radiate goodness.
Blessed are those who work with the heart;
they will find joy in their work.
Blessed are those who do not lose heart;
they will find the strength to persevere.
And blessed are those who set their hearts on the Kingdom of God; everything else will be given to them.

Last week we explored the liturgy of the Word. The human response on hearing all that God has done and continues to do for us is to give thanks. This thanksgiving lies at the heart of the liturgy of the Eucharist

The liturgy of the Eucharist begins with the practical action of preparing the altar to receive the gifts of bread and wine and concludes with the prayer after communion. The Church1s Eucharist has always retained its basic shape: the taking of the elements of bread and wine in the preparation of the gifts, the act of thanksgiving in the eucharistic prayer, the breaking of the bread, the giving and sharing of the body and blood of Christ in communion. In the liturgy of the Eucharist we remain faithful to this pattern of worship handed on to us through tradition. By recalling God1s plan of salvation for us in the Eucharistic Prayer, we are once again making it present in our lives. Our salvation is not a past event but a current and ongoing reality. At the end of our Eucharistic Prayer and in one voice we assent to all that has gone before with the Great Amen. To really understand this Amen we need to look back to the words of Jesus – do this in memory of me. To agree to do something in the memory of Jesus means that we must feel, act, think and love in such a way that Jesus is recognisable in us. In these words Jesus is preparing to give his life for the salvation of the world – and he has joined us to that mission.

Living Lent
Looking for inspiration as you prepare for Lent this year? Wondering how to raise justice awareness in your own community? Searching for resources to bring Lent alive in your home, your parish? If so, you are invited to: An Evening of Reflection and Inspiration will be held in Frankfield/Grange Parish Church on Wed. 14th Feb. from 8p.m. to 9p.m. Information:  Fr. Seán O'Sullivan.
Tel: 4357765

A Lenten Invitation
Lent is an opportunity to grow in knowledge and love of Jesus. A  simple way to do this is to prayerfully read the Gospel in faith.
Each Monday in Lent, at 10.30am, a group of people will be doing just that with the Gospel for the following Sunday.  This is often called Lectio Divina. Don't let the name put you off. Just join us, for one hour in the Parish Centre in Turners Cross. You will be very welcome.